WiFi Microwave Zapping Mystery

Background:  To begin, it is important that you know you signed the following buried within your BrightHouse internet contract.

"Bright House expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for your use of WiFi...Bright House may for any reason, and without notice to you, modify or terminate WiFi Service and these Terms of Use without liability to you, any user or any third party."


The following is a 100% true WiFi mystery that happened to one of my patients.  This story is so incredible I thought I would share it....because it even beats my own personal Zapped story.

Susan (not her real name) is a patient of mine.  She read my website about microwave poisoning, it's symptoms and agreed that microwave zapping may be the cause of her problems.  She rented our microwave meter and found her home saturated in microwave radiation that appeared to be sourcing from her BrightHouse modem. 

She called up BrightHouse and got a technician out to her home to deactivate her wireless modem and hard-wire her computers.  After the tech's job was complete, she was assured the microwave radiation had been deactivated.

She re-borrowed our meter to make sure that her microwaves had stopped.  Result:  No change in microwave emissions!  Still totally red zoned on the meter she told me.

So, she called BrightHouse again and another technician came out.  This time she had the meter with her and wouldn't let the technician leave until the microwaves stopped.

The BrightHouse tech was there for eight (8) full hours!  And the red zone microwave readings never stopped the whole time.

At the end of the eight hours the technician's final diagnosis was that the microwaves were coming in through the cables.  Or, the microwaves must be coming from someone else's home down the street.  Either way, his job was done and he was leaving. 

Susan was tired, livid and frazzled.  But she was still dedicated to getting the microwaves out of her home.  So she called me and asked for my help.

Susan called me and told me what happened.  I had a hard time believing that microwaves were being emitted via the cable itself.  But I remembered how, in my own case, that the BrightHouse rep had to push some magic buttons at the BrightHouse mothership for my own microwave emissions to stop.  Perhaps he was right?  Perhaps the microwaves were coming in via the cable itself?

And so, I decided to call BrightHouse myself -- to see if I could help her. 

I learned many interesting things during that phone call -- including the fact that BrightHouse assumes all homes want wireless and thus, emits a signal that ensures the activation of wireless technologies (aka:  microwave radiation) into all homes---whether you want it or not.  Whether you are hard-wired or not.  Whether you have a health condition that requires you to avoid RF/microwave exposure.  Whether you are a child, infant or embryo inside your mom's womb.

And, I learned what steps my patients could take to get their microwaves turned off in something less than 752 steps through the BrightHouse phone maze. 

Problem solved!  I wrote up those directions so my patients could (finally) get their microwave emissions stopped at the "BrightHouse mothership" level.

The next morning I proudly called Susan and told her I had solved her problem.  I told her that all she had to do was read the directions I had posted on my web and her microwave emissions would stop once and for all.  She was pleased.  And so was I. 

She called BrightHouse and did exactly as my directions said.  And at the end of that phone call the Level 3 BrightHouse employee assured Susan that all her microwaves emissions sourcing from the BrightHouse mothership were now indeed turned off and she was fine.

Susan returned to the clinic to borrow the meter again.  I told her I was confident that her microwaves would be gone given that a Level 3 BrightHouse employee had handled her case.  After all, these are the brightest of the brightest BrightHouse employees! 

Within an hour she called screaming in frustration that the microwaves were 100% unchanged.  That the microwave meter was still red zoning.  She even let me hear what the meter's microwave zapping sounded like and yes, it did have the tone/frequency of a WiFi system.  But how could that be?  They turned it off at the mothership!!

I told her to call BrightHouse back and ask another Level 3 rep for help.  She did and he reviewed her info and assured her that all was turned off on their end.  And, his final diagnosis was this:  You must be reading electricity coming into your home.  Nothing to worry about. 

Ahhhh!!!!  Do these employees not know the difference between a 60 Hz analog house current magnetic field and a 2 GHz pulsed microwave?  Even at this point in the game Susan knew this Level 3 BrightHouse employee was clueless about his own technology.

She called me back again telling me the rep thinks it is just electricity the meter was reading.  I told her he was very very wrong.  And then told her, "Call the Level 3 guy that helped me..his name was Hoke". 

And so she did.  She told him all that was going on.  She even let him HEAR the screaming rat-tat-tat of the meter.  He had an idea.  And he was sending a new rep out to her place the next day.

Intrigued by Susan's microwave mystery, I called her up and asked if I could stop by her house on my way home.  I knew she had my meter.  I wanted to see for myself what was going on.  Given that the Level 3 employee had deactivated everything on their end, I thought it probably was some other non-BrightHouse caused problem.  Perhaps a neighbor's WiFi like the technician had said?

The moment I got to her house I grabbed the meter and starting walking the outside perimeter of her house.  All the microwave readings were zero.  Good.  I now knew any microwave readings would be coming from somewhere inside and NOT from the outside. 

I walked inside her home and the meter went crazy red zoning rat-tat-tat just as she had told me on the phone.  And the microwaves got stronger and redder the closer I got to the BrightHouse modem. 

I decided to walk into the room on the opposite side of the modem wall.  While there were emissions there, it was a bit weaker than the room with the modem.

Susan picked up the cord and said "The last BrightHouse technician said the microwaves are coming out of this cord".

"Let's test that theory.  Got any aluminum foil?" I asked.

I wrapped the end of the cord in thick foil and retested with the meter.  No change. 

"It's not the cord.  The technician was wrong.  Let's foil the modem and see what happens."

And so we foiled the modem with multiple layers of foil because metal reflects and blocks microwave emissions.   We retested with the meter.  No change.  I at least expected to see the emissions drop a bit with metal covering the modem but it didn't.  That meant it was one really strong signal to get through all that foil.....or....

Or perhaps there was something wrong with the meter?  Perhaps the meter is broken and just likes to red zone when turned on?

I thought that perhaps something freaky with the batteries was going on and so we switched to brand new batteries.

The screaming red zoned rat-tat-tat continued.

I wonder if the meter is just simply broken and all it wants to do is stay red zoned....

I was wearing a tank top manufactured specifically to block microwave radiation.  I bought these protective clothes because I didn't want the microwave absorption into my body whenever I visited a microwaved location. 

And so, while staring at Susan I took the screaming meter and stuck the meter up under my blouse. 


I took the meter back outside my blouse and it started screaming red zoned again.

And then I put the meter up under my blouse again.

Susan looked at me in questioning amazement.  She's wondering why in the world her interior walls don't stop the microwave readings but my shirt does....

"The meter's fine.  And my shirt works too." I announce with final conviction.

I am now convinced it has something to do with BrightHouse's modem.  I pick it up and turn it all around, up and over, looking at all the cords and wires dangling out of it.  All the while I don't have one clue what the purpose of each of those cords and wires is.

With such proximity to the modem AND the amount of time I've been in Susan's house,  I'm beginning to feel the effects of being in her toxic microwaved environment.  I'm getting a headache.  And I can feel myself getting anxious and nervous.

I knew I wouldn't be able to stay but a few minutes longer in her home before I would have to leave.  I could feel my head now filling with confusion and I was losing my typical, highly tuned detective cognitive skills.  I wanted to help her.  But I could also feel my heart quickening. 

I had to leave.  I needed to leave.  I must escape this toxic home before I crashed. 

But I so wanted to help her.  And I so badly wanted to solve the mystery.  Ever since my Nancy Drew days as a young girl, I could never put down a good mystery....

And it was in this panicked mindset that I began to start pulling every plug, wire and cord out of that modem. 

And there I stood.  With a modem in hand, clearly NOT attached to a darn thing, and the microwave meter still screaming it's bloody head off.  No power. No cords. No nothing.  Just a black plastic box with flashing lights, no visible antenna and a screaming microwave meter in the background.

And I said the only thing that made sense to me given that a black plastic box is disconnected from all sources of artificial life support....and I'm feeling jacked up on 25 StarBuck coffees (aka: microwave radiation poisoning).

I scream:   "Susan, this thing is ALIVE!!"

To which she frantically screams back, "Then, get it the heck out of my house!"

Like a linebacker with his football underarm and in an adrenaline state,  I take off. 

I bolt past her, past the dining room, past the living room, to the front door where I threw the modem into the front yard and slammed the door shut.

A few seconds pass.  I feel suddenly calmer.  Why?  What's different?

I slowly walk back into the bedroom where Susan was standing in shock at my actions.

"The meter stopped" she meekly says pointing at the meter on the bed.  "And now I have no internet AND no phone.  Looks like I'll be reading the Bible tonight.  I better go set my house alarm for protection...."

A few more seconds pass and I am beginning to feel my cognitive skills returning.  Susan was right.  The meter was quiet.  The house was clean of microwave radiation.    It was like we had purged the house of an evil spirit because, to me, it felt as though all the invisible stressness had left.

"I declare this house clean of evil energies."  I said with sighing relief......and a deja vu in my mind of myself playing the role of the 4' tall psychic at the conclusion of the 1982 Poltergeist movie declaring the same thing to the homeowners.

"But where have the microwave energies gone to?" I pondered.

Now that the microwave beast lay in the front yard, I can feel my own mind is beginning to reboot and come back online with it's normal cognitive skills

I grab the meter and walk to the front door and shyly look into the yard where that living, breathing microwave beast lie in the grass. 

"It WAS alive" I think to myself.  "How else can I explain the house being free of microwave emissions?"

I walk to the modem laying belly up in the grass.  A few lights are still pulsing -- fainter than prior.

"The beast is dying" I think with a continuing sense of relief.

I take the meter and hover it over the modem...I'm quiet.  I'm concentrating.  I'm going to determine if the modem still has a microwave heartbeat.

And the meter starts pulsing red zoned microwave emissions again!

I jump back in horror.

"Susan, this thing IS alive." I say non-jokingly.  "I can't figure out where the battery is either....or if it even has a battery.  It really is like this thing is ALIVE!"

"I got a Colt rifle.  Want me to shoot it?" she seriously asks.

"No, it is dying.  I can tell.  The microwaves are getting weaker.  Besides, it is a BrightHouse modem, remember. I don't think they'd appreciate you shooting their property" I responded just as matter-of-factly.

The modem's microwave heartbeat continues to lessen....and then finally stops.

"It's dead."  I declare.  "No more microwave emissions."

We both stand there.  Just staring at the dead modem down at our feet in the grass.

"You know, Susan", I begin.  "No one is going to believe what just happened to us.  No one is going to believe me that BrightHouse modems, with no visible antenna, no power support,  technician-guaranteed wireless shut off and laying belly up in the front yard are capable of spewing microwaving radiation.  No one will believe me.  They will think me a liar at best and insane at worst.  But you are my witness Susan, right?"

"Right!" she assures me.  "I'll back up your story."

We continue to let what just happened soak into your minds.

Susan bends to pick up the dead modem.  I turn to walk back in the house. 

Turning back to Susan I say "If I were you, I wouldn't let that thing back in the house."

She wraps the modem up in plastic and leaves it outside on the porch.

I re-entered Susan's house and flung myself on the couch.  I was definitely feeling shaken and worn for the experience.

But I also could feel the calmness of her house.  The peace. 

And in a few more minutes,  I could feel a calm normality returning over me....

The next day the BrightHouse technician arrived and Susan had a "modem hardwired for internet access without any wireless capabilities" installed.

During installation of her new wireless-free modem, the BrightHouse technician says to her "WiFi is NOT microwaves.  It is RF - radio frequency."  And that he couldn't see anything wrong with her modem at all -- just needed a new battery.

Susan didn't try to explain to him his error in judgement or information.  After all, via his job he was most likely microwave poisoned and lacked the ability to comprehend her anyway.

Or he was simply a talking head parroting the bended science he was taught.

Have no doubt, WiFi, which utilizes 2.45 and 5 GHz frequencies, IS microwave radiation.

Why did Susan choose a modem without any wireless capabilities at all?

Because as our WiFi mystery just proved, modems with wireless capabilities have the ability to leak microwaves now or in the future.

Lessons learned if  you want 100% protection from WiFi microwave emissions:

1.  When it comes to WiFi microwave exposures, NEVER believe a BrightHouse employee. 

2.  Only believe a good quality RF/Microwave meter that can reach into the 8GHz+ range.  You MUST rent or buy one.

3.  Only use modems WITHOUT wireless capabilities.  Never use a router as they all have wireless capabilities.   These devices are capable of leaking high doses of microwave radiation.

And how is Susan today? 

I saw her the next day.  And she looked less stressed, well rested and happy. 

"I for sure feel the difference in my house and when I sleep" she told me.  "Thank you!"

Two mysteries solved!  Susan's nervousness, anxiety and insomnia..and why her modem wouldn't stop spewing microwave radiation!

Note:  If it is indeed true that BrightHouse recycles their modems, I wonder who they'll give Susan's old ALIVE wireless modem to?  Perhaps you?

PS:  If you are thinking that BrightHouse is violating your rights by "turning on" any wireless capable modem/router in your home without you knowing it and without your ability or the BrightHouse technician's ability to turn it back off, you are incorrect.  Your rights have NOT been violated.  Your rights have not been violated because you gave up those rights within the WiFi contract you signed with BrightHouse.  And if your health is/was negatively impacted, you have no ability to hold BrightHouse liable for that either. 

Within that BrightHouse contract you signed this statement regarding your WiFi service:

You agree that Bright House may for any reason, and without notice to you, modify or terminate WiFi Service and these Terms of Use without liability to you, any user or any third party.

Bright House expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for your use of WiFi.

Therefore, despite all the hassle this patient endured to finally get her microwave radiation turned off within her home, the contract she signed gives BrightHouse the right to turn it back on without her knowing it.  The ONLY way she can protect herself from that was by using a modem WITHOUT WIRELESS CAPABILITY. Because, then, if BrightHouse decides to turn it back on, there is nothing in her modem box to "activate" the release of microwave radiation into her home environment.  OR she could have kept her wireless capable modem, bought a microwave meter and checked her modem often for microwave emissions.

My next step with her is to test her home's residual "dirty electricity" that may be harming her health....

"Dark and difficult times lie ahead. 
Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy."
-Professor Dumbledore speaking to Harry Potter

"There are two types of pain you will go through in life,
the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.
Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."
-Jim Rohn

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