Background:  To begin, it is important that you know you signed the following buried within your BrightHouse internet contract.

"Bright House expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for your use of WiFi...Bright House may for any reason, and without notice to you, modify or terminate WiFi Service and these Terms of Use without liability to you, any user or any third party."





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As I explained in detail in my "Are You Zapped?  I was!" article, I was horrified to discover that I was microwave zapped with >6 volts/m (>95,000 microwatts/cm2) for six years in my primary sleeping and working area.

But I was more than horrified. 

I was shocked and angered because I had made it very clear to my internet provider that I wanted no wireless in my home --  and they assured me of that on the phone and in person while at my residence.  And provided me a way to prove it to myself via online programming.  Not to mention that on two separate incidents I had two BSEE men, with their fav wireless devices in hand, tell me that my WiFI was turned off because they couldn't see a signal.

So, what happened?  How did this happen to me? And why did it happen so many times?  Why was I assured of zero microwave emissions when this was not reality?

And who are these internet provider employees that told me all this?   Idiots?  Liars?

Because of the above, I have 100% refused to believe anyone's "trust me on this...I'm an engineer" statements when they try to assure me that I (or them in their own home) are not being exposed to microwave emissions from their modem/router. 

You don't get what you expect.  You get what you inspect!  Test with a meter!

I've refused to believe these engineers unless the modem/router is meter-proved microwave non-emitting --- on repeated testings over the course of months.

Now, you might find this crazy.  Why test the modem/router over and over again?  When it is off, it is off.  Right?


Because my research has found that any modem/router with an antenna has the ability to have its microwave emissions turned back on without your knowledge of it happening.  And just because you don't SEE an antenna on the outside of the device doesn't mean there isn't one hidden inside it!

Thus, the ONLY WAY to know for sure is:

1.   You repeatedly test your environment with a good RF/Microwave meter


2.   You keep the modem/router unplugged 24/7 -- ie: no electricity = no internet = no surfing for you!

For weeks I've been having this debate with a very smart MSEE patient who assures me one doesn't have to go to the expense of buying/renting a microwave meter.  That all they have to do is "turn off" their wireless via switch or programming.   It is that simple. 

I disagree.  The only proven method that consistently works is unplugging it.  OR testing with a good RF/Microwave meter that tests as high as 8 GHz.  There are dozens of RF/Microwave meters.  But only a few test high into the 8 GHz frequency.  I know of too many people that thought their WiFi emissions were off -- and discovered the sad truth (like me) via testing with a RF/Microwave meter that their modem/router was spewing forth 24/7.

Going up against this very smart MSEE patient, I have refused to back down. Because I know what has happened to me and others.  It simply isn't that simple.  And it simply isn't worth the risk to wake up one day down the road and find that you have been microwave drenched for the last several years.  Because this is exactly what happened to me! 

You don't get what you expect.  You get what you inspect.  With a meter!

And so our debate has continued.  And finally, he and I have discovered several scenarios that could happen (and have happened) to explain a router/modem emitting microwave radiation when the owner swears it was turned off. 

Any one (or all) of these reasons could apply to my situation because I also had two BSEE men on two separate occasions swear my wireless was off via looking on their personal wireless device while standing feet from the modem/router.

Here are the reasons why your modem/router may still be emitting microwave radiation 24/7

1.  The router/modem automatically turns the wireless back on when it reboots.  Rebooting happens whenever it is shut off and turns back on (such as with power outage or unplugging it).

The router/modem automatically turns the wireless back on when the internet provider downloads new software to it.

3.   Only the Identification Signal (ID Signal) is turned off.  But the WiFi microwave signal is still on.  The ID Signal is what comes up on wireless devices showing that there is a WiFi in range.  Some people turn off the ID Signal so no one sees their WiFi and thus, hacks into it.  In other words, as a security measure.  But turning off the ID Signal does nothing to reduce, stop or change the microwave emissions!

4.   The person unplugged NOT the electrical cord to the modem/router but unplugged the cord from the modem/router to the computer.  While this does stop your internet access, it does nothing to stop WiFi radiation. 

5.   By hard-wiring your computer to the modem/router, the owner believes microwave emissions have automatically stopped.  100% untrue!

6.   The router/modem has wireless capabilities.  Any device with wireless capabilities can leak microwave radiation -- even if totally unplugged and disconnected from BrightHouse.  Read WiFi Mystery.

What's the bottom line?

You can only be 100% truly assured that there are no microwave emissions coming from your internet modem/router if:

1.   You test with a good RF/Microwave meter

2.  You are using a modem/router that you know for sure has no antenna/broadcasting/wireless capability.

Warning:  Internet provider employees have told me (and others) that they don't make or carry 'non-antenna' modem/routers any longer.  This is 100% untrue!  What is true is that the "internet employee who arrives in the truck" may not have a non-antenna modem/router with him in the truck and thus, because he doesn't want the extra work and hassle of returning to his employer to get one, he simply tells you they don't exist any longer.  This is 100% untrue!  And btw, this is how I ended up with a freaking antenna in the first place!  I told the installer I wanted a modem/router without an antenna and he told me they are unavailable but "not to worry" because he would disable it for me.  Wrong!  Ant that's how I ended up being microwave zapped at over 95,000 microwatts/cm2 for years!  Lesson Learned:  When you call your internet provider to convert to a wired system, tell them you expect a non-antenna modem/router on the truck before the employee leaves for your home and that you don't want to get whatever he has on the truck (which most likely is microwave emitting).

Bottom-line (and what I did):  I called my internet provider and "put them on notice" and told them to put on my account that under no circumstances did I ever want services or products from them that emit microwave emissions.  And that I wanted those words to appear every time a customer service rep looked at my account online.  Since that time, I have noticed that each new customer representative I spoke with was aware of my "no WiFi emissions" requirement.  Problem solved....hopefully.

Now that I've alerted you to these WiFi mistakes and dealing with your internet provider,  I have even more bad news to tell you...

Your modem/router isn't the only thing emitting microwave radiation without your knowledge! 

Every day people are buying tools, toys and appliances with wireless capabilities.  Once unboxed and plugged in these tools, toys and appliances automatically begin their microwave emissions.  For example, I recently purchased a new laptop and the wireless was emitting the second I turned that laptop on.  And my car, with unused BlueTooth capability, has been emitting a 4x a minute microwave burst at my chest since the first second I stepped in that car and turned on the ignition.  Many toys and office products are also this way...

Hundreds of products are being purchased and arriving with their wireless automatically on! 

Given all the above, in this day and age I think it is totally impossible to knowingly reduce one's microwave absorption without testing with a good RF/Microwave meter that reaches into the 8 GHz frequencies.

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