Why the urgency to address electro-poisoning now? 

Because, in the words of Swedish neuro-oncologist Leif Salford, we are living in "the largest biological experiment ever."  Especially for your children and future generations!

Because this video below is the "fairy tale" we are now living in...

Once a rational, non-addicted and non-compensated person has taken the time to review the microwave research, they are convinced there is plenty of "cause to pause" and re-think their family's cumulative exposure to microwave radiation.

But still, some people don't take action.  Why?


One reason for a person's inaction is that they don't understand the urgency of making microwave detox a priority.

Urgency Reason #1:  Doctors in other countries have learned that microwave exposure has a synergistic effect on other "root causes" of ill health.

This means if you have mercury overload AND microwave overload, then 1 + 1 = 14.

This means if you have gluten intolerance AND microwave overload, then 1 + 1 = 16.

Ditto for other toxins, infections etc.

Why does this synergy happen?  Well, in the case of mercury overload AND microwave overload synergy, it is commonly known that microwave radiation makes the blood brain barrier "leaky".  That's why oncologists microwave the patient's brain if they want chemo to enter it.  Because without the microwaves, not as much chemo would enter the brain tissue.

Thus, if a person has mercury overload AND microwave overload, that mercury has a higher chance to penetrate the blood brain barrier. Result:  Neurological disorders.

Another mercury and microwave synergy reason is that microwave radiation causes the mercury fillings to lose their mercury faster.


This is why these doctors (and myself) put microwave detox at the top of eliminations...to reduce the synergy effect and let the doctor see what the true remaining symptoms and their intensity are.

Urgency Reason #2:  Our present exposure to man-made microwaves is a million billion billion (one followed by 18 zeros) times greater than our natural exposure to these frequencies.  We simply did not evolve in this type of radiation environment, do not have the biological coping mechanisms to adapt to 24/7 microwave exposure and thus, millions of people are going to become ill, die prematurely or fail to reproduce properly.

Urgency Reason #3:   Microwaves are especially damaging to health because they so easily pass through the membranes of our organs, tissues, cells and organelles within our cells.  As microwaves pass through these membranes, it causes the calcium ions to bounce out of the membrane.  This is not a good thing.  The calcium ion (+2 charge) is necessary to keep the cell's membrane phospholipids stable and thus, no leaking.  But without the calcium, the cell's membrane becomes very leaky -- allowing the bad stuff to get in and the good stuff to fall out of the cell.

Once the calcium bounces out of the membrane (and isn't allowed to return to bury its nose back into the membrane due to the next pulsed microwave emission coming moments later that will just bounce it out again) the calcium has now gone rogue and looking for a new home.

Your "leaky membrane" due simply to the calcium ion glue that is now missing, goes from bad to worse when it effects the tight junction barriers of your body.  The purpose of the "tight junction barrier" is to protect all of our body surfaces (skin, lungs, intestines) as well as to protect one part of the body from an over influence by another part of the body.  The "tight junction barrier" are layers of cells where the gaps between them are sealed with these "tight junctions' to make sure nothing leaks around their sides. These "tight junctions" are very tight in order to achieve their primary goal:   PREVENT PASSAGE of 'stuff' through it.  For example, the fragile brain has a tight junction "blood brain barrier" (BBB) around it.  The vital purpose of the BBB is to NOT allow many blood-based items to get into the brain--including toxins. 

As explained, our body's various and important tight junction barriers are typically CLOSED and TIGHT.  However, all this changes when calcium ions bounced out of the membrane become "calcium ions gone wild".  Because tight junction cells are designed and programmed to "open" if calcium ions enter the cell.

The opening of the tight junction barrier cells results in:
1.  Leaky blood brain barrier protecting the brain from blood carried toxins;
2.  Leaky intestine barrier protecting out blood stream from chunks of food that will set off an autoimmune/allergy reaction; 3   Leaky lung barrier which will result breathing difficulties;
4.  Leaky skin barrier which results in rashes
5.  Leaky blood/liver barrier results in faster liver cell death/turnover (ie: raised liver enzymes)

If the loss of membrane stability and broken tight junctions isn't bad enough, the dislodged "calcium ions gone wild" are causing its own set of problems.  Calcium (like sodium) is a major extracellular (outside the cell) ion.  In fact, there is over a 1000x concentration difference between the amount of calcium inside versus outside of the cell. Thus, even a slight change in the cell's leakiness will allow a large inflow of calcium INTO the cell.  Because the calcium INSIDE the cell was so low to begin with, the flow of calcium INTO the cell is going to result in a MAJOR percentage shift.  This is not a good thing because the inside of the cell is VERY sensitive to calcium and the increased intracellular exposure to calcium sets off an avalanche of biochemical reactions geared toward one thing:  apoptosis.  Apoptosis is programmed cell death. 

Organs are made of tissues and tissues are made of cells.  So increased cellular apoptosis automatically means premature tissue and organ failure.

Keep this in mind:  The microwaved cell is NOT doing anything wrong or stupid.  Cellular suicide (aka:  apoptosis) is exactly what the cell is suppose to do when it finds itself filled with calcium.

Urgency Reason #4:  Microwaves are working at the DNA level.  While microwave radiation is non-ionizing (ie: it doesn't totally rip electrons right off the DNA) it DOES effect the function of the DNA via disrupting the Van der Waals forces within the DNA. 

A knowledgeable physicist and chemist understands the critical outcome of disrupting these critical but fragile Van der Waals forces and now "gets the urgency of microwave detox" and is freaking out.  I feel your pain...

But for the rest of you who aren't physicists or chemists, just understand that it means that microwave exposure completely changes the physical shape, function and performance of the DNA.

Yikes!  Read that last line again so it sinks in!

This means that even if you have perfect DNA without one deterministic or epigenetic polymorphism defect within your parent-given DNA, with microwave exposure ALL your DNA is malfunctioning.

Why is DNA function important?

DNA is important for more than making babies.  DNA is what encodes our proteins--everything from the repair/replacement of muscle protein, organ protein, immune proteins, hormones, neurotransmitters etc .... and DNA even encodes its own self-replication.  Got the picture? 

Urgency Reason #5:  With microwave/EMF exposure, the cell is telling us in its own very clear language:  "I'm under stress!  That is a toxin!"

What would you do if your home was under aerial bombing attack and it looked like your death was near?  Other than pray, your only choices are 'hunkering down' and/or 'suicide'. 

When a cell becomes overwhelmed via attack by EMFs BUT is not quite ready to commit cell suicide, the cell does have a TEMPORARY 'hunkering down' plan.  The hunkering down plan is in the hope that if enough protection is placed between the cell and the EMF, then perhaps the cell can survive just long enough for the EMF to leave.  For example, the cell 'hunkers down' in the midst of an electrical storm and all the increased EMFs that are produced via an electrical storm. 

But remember, electrical storms are all temporary .....

When the cell is under stress, it produces what is called "heat shock proteins".  These proteins are in response to the cell getting overly hot and it was the first time the proteins were discovered -- hence, why they are called 'heat shock proteins'.  Well, research now clearly shows that these proteins are produced as response to EMFs.  Thus, they shouldn't be called "heat shock proteins".  They really should just be called "shock proteins" or "stress proteins".

These "shock proteins" is the cell telling us in its own language "I am under stress".  And they are produced when the cell is exposed to EMFs.

The purpose of these "shock proteins" is to run around the cell and cocoon up the cell's vital machinery.  Once cocooned up, the cell's machinery is safe, sound and protected.  BUT THEY DON'T WORK.

But that's ok.  Because they are only going to be cocooned for a few minutes or hours.  Unless, of course, the EMF attack, such as from WiFi and DECT cordless phones, is 24/7.

The end result:  The cell's important vital machinery is unable to work.  Repair, replacement and communication within the cell is shut down.

My analogy is this:  If a person or government wanted to kill the majority of citizens within another country, how could they do it without actually directly killing it's citizens? 

Answer:  Simply shut off all communications within that country.  Without communication people would undoubtedly get sick and die because they couldn't get the food, repair, sanitation etc that they needed.

In fact, this is the biggest fear from a terrorist electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event.  The EMP fear is NOT the biological damage done by the EMP itself (because there is little to no damage).    The fear is that an EMP event would destroy communication within the USA and an estimated 90% of the American population would be dead within one year due to the lack of communication.

Now that shows the power and importance of communication within a country.  Do you not think that communication within the human body is at least equally important for survival? 

When our cell's vital communication enzymes are cocooned up via shock proteins, the cell loses its own ability to get food, repair, sanitation etc...

How can a doctor have success at healing the "root cause" of your illness if your molecular repair systems are unable to communicate or are miscommunicating?

Now do you understand why European doctors (and a handful of cutting-edge US doctors) place microwave detox as an urgent priority to their patient's healing program?

Urgency Reason #6:  Because too many people are risking horrid diseases and risking major liability lawsuits simply due to their inability to recognize microwave generators, such as WiFi, cell phones, cordless phones, Smart Meters etc, for what they are:  TOXIC!

Urgency Reason #7:  Protect fetuses and children.  They are especially vulnerable to microwave exposure due to thinner skulls and higher water content.

Urgency Reason #8:  Protect future generations.  Sperm and eggs are especially vulnerable to microwave exposure.


Another reason for a person's microwave detox inaction is their long list of "excuses"....

In other words, this person is no different than the tobacco smoker who now is convinced that tobacco is deadly yet continues to puff away AND complain of their health problems...

Here are the excuses we've heard. What's your excuse for not taking action?


Excuse:  "I am living with a Pseudo Biophysicist."

Solution:  Would you continue to 24/7 breath the air of a smoker you are living with? 

If your answer is "yes", you need EVOX to determine what the real unconscious reason you are putting someone else's addiction over your own survival.....and how to change your dysfunctional, unconscious behavior.

If your answer is "no", then you need to rent or buy the RF/Microwave meter to make your Pseudo Biophysicist's invisible addiction visible to you.

Excuse"I can't live without wireless!"

Solution:  Is that true?  Then how did you survive just a few years ago without it?  Or are you admitting you are addicted to wireless?

If you are admitting you are addicted to wireless, congrats!  That's the first step:  Admitting your addiction.    Because, frankly, microwave radiation IS addictive!

You are just like the tobacco smoker that can't give up his addiction because you are unknowingly addicted to a substance in the tobacco called nicotine. 

When it comes to microwave exposure, similar addictive neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, are released.  This is part of the "hook". 

Another part of the "addictive hook" has to do with this wireless device satisfying unconscious drivers that can be uncovered by EVOX.

But the biggest addictive issue is that the microwave exposure is causing "Brain Entrainment".  Brain Entrainment is to microwave exposure as nicotine is to tobacco. 

Yes, you are addicted.  But luckily the addiction reverses quickly with elimination/reduction in the exposure.

If you are saying wireless is required to do your job, is that true?  In most cases it is not true because wired technologies can be used.    And in the few cases that it is true (such as cell phone use in a mobile job), then minimize/protect yourself from those exposures but still take action to eliminate your other 24/7 exposures such as your home's WiFi, DECT cordless phones etc.

Excuse"Microwave radiation is all around me.  I can't reduce my exposure."

Solution:  Why are you giving up before you've even started?  Are you depressed?  Or are you addicted to wireless and using this as your excuse?  Or are you overwhelmed with the idea of reducing/eliminating your microwave exposures?

Yes, we are living in a sea of microwave radiation. 

If you are depressed, seek professional help.

But you are wrong if you think you CAN'T dramatically (>90%) reduce your cumulative microwave absorption via meter testing and taking action to removing microwave emitters and/or blocking microwave emissions you have found. 

And if you are scared or overwhelmed to tackle this project by yourself, then let us help you each step of the way.  You can do it!


Excuse:  "While I believe that microwave exposure is dangerous, I don't believe it is affecting me."

Solution:  You are in denial.  Have you reviewed the symptoms of Electro-Poisoning?  Or are you addicted to wireless and using this as your excuse?  What makes your human body and DNA so unique, special and resistant that it wouldn't be effected by cumulative microwave exposure?  The initial impacts of microwave exposure are NOT felt by you -- but they ARE felt by your cells as the Stress Protein studies have clearly proven.


Excuse:  "I've read the studies. There appears to be nothing to worry about."

Solution:  And who funded those studies you read?  And what compensated person or organization gave you that information?  And was that source "bending science" as so many do? 

"Bending science" means they are telling the truth, but changing it to fit their needs.  For example, a common one is "Our xyz device only puts off microwaves 3 minutes a day.
  What are you worried about?"  OR "Our device only puts off an "average" of xyz  microwatts per day.  What are you worried about?"  Those that bend science don't want you to see the graph below.  Because this graph, which is reality, is what they are bending.

In argument #1 above, the science benders are compressing their device's nine thousand 24/7 pulsed microwaves all together and telling you it totals only 3 minutes.

In argument #2 above, they are reporting the average and not the true pulsed microwave hit your body is absorbing.

Beware of "bended science".  That's why it took 50+ years for tobacco's harm to be realized by the general public...

pulsed microwave graph

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