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Beck Natural Medicine Protocol Prep for Surgery

There have been many cases of people awakening from surgical anesthesia with a significant loss of mental function.    This condition is called “post surgical confusion” and most doctors don’t want to talk about it.  They tell us “not to worry about it” and “it will pass”.  But the truth is it doesn’t always pass and it IS something to be concerned about.    In fact, some people awake psychotic, seeing and hearing things that aren’t there etc.  Over the years we’ve talked with many anesthesiologists and they have “off the record” silently confirmed our insights.

Even studies on lab rats have found the same occurrence – ie: significant loss in memory and neuronal function after anesthesia ONLY administration (ie:  anesthesia only and NOT being undergoing surgical trauma).

The studies on the rats have given us great insight into what is happening as well as what is needed to keep it from happening.  Since we’ve instituted this protocol for our pre-surgery patients we have NOT seen one case of post surgical confusion in any form.  And that’s saying a lot because in the past we’d seen patients shipped straight from the hospital to hospice after surgery because of loss of mental function --- and I get emails/calls from doctors frequently asking me for our protocol now that they have a loved one not recovering from “post surgical confusion”.

The goal of our protocol is to upregulate the methylation cycle to ensure the brain can repair itself quickly.  There are many common gene defects involved in the methylation cycle and we think it is these defected genes coupled with the anesthesia (as well as higher risk with advanced age) that is yielding the “post surgical confusion”.  And as with the rat studies, we are minimizing and avoiding this negative side-effect of anesthesia via the use of supplements that specifically “by-pass” the gene defects and ensure methylation upregulation.

The anesthesia is not the only negative of surgery.  There is of course the pain/trauma as well as the common use of antibiotics.

The purpose of this document is to explain ALL recommended protocols for the anesthesia, the trauma, the healing and the antibiotics.

Before surgery

(starting 2 weeks prior to surgery including night prior to surgery):

Methyl support:  1-0-1 with meal

Sublingual methyl B12 5000 mg:  1-0-1 sublingual

P.C. 4:1 (100%):  2-0-2 with meal  (this product is highly recommended but optional .  It is the phospholipid RESULT of the methylation process. Meaning that in addition to upregulating methylation, we are providing pre-formed phospholipids to aid in brain repair.)

Immediately prior to surgery

Sublingual methyl B12 5000 mg:  1 sublingual

Pre-Post Surgery OR Traumeel Homeopathic:  10 drops twice sublingual --- 15 – 30 minutes apart.  This is preparing the body for “shock” and “trauma”. 

Immediately after surgery

Sublingual methyl B12 5000 mg:  1 sublingual

Pre-Post Surgery OR Traumeel Homeopathic:  10 drops sublingual “rapid fire” (definition:  10 drops every 15 minutes for 2 hours; then same dose every hour for rest of day; then 3x per day until bottle gone).  Aids healing as well as patients find they need minimal to no pain killers post surgery.

After surgery

(ie:  for one month after surgery):

Methyl support:  1-0-1 with meal

Sublingual methyl B12 5000 mg:  1-0-0 sublingual

P.C. 4:1 (100%):  2-0-2 with meal  (this product is highly recommended but optional . It is the phospholipid RESULT of the methylation process. Meaning that in addition to upregulating methylation, we are providing pre-formed phospholipids to aid in brain repair.)

AB Protect:  1-0-1 with meal while on antibiotics and 2-3 days beyond rx antibiotic use.  AB Protect is not affected by the antibiotic and greatly minimizes chances of fungal infection post antibiotic use.


Pro Probio:  1-0-0 with or without meal starting 2-3 days prior to ending the rx antibiotic and taken for one (minimum) or two (preferred) months.  This is to re-establish proper GI biotic health.  Like all probiotics (other than AB Protect), it is pretty much destroyed while on antibiotics.

Pre-Post Surgery OR Traumeel Homeopathic:  10 drops 3x a day until bottle is gone.

Chemtox:  10 drops 3x a day sublingual.  Purpose is to remove rx residue.   Start after last dose of rx antibiotic has been taken.  May need to take second bottle if antibiotics or other rx were taking for longer than 10 days post surgery.

C+ BioFizz:  After surgery the body has a tremendous high need for Vitamin C to repair the torn collagen.  C+ BioFizz has NO aspartic acids or asparates which is commonly found in most Vitamin C products.  These compounds are highly excitatory and toxic to the brain – especially the post surgical brain.  Put 1 teaspoon in water and drink several times a day.  Tastes great!   Decrease dose if loose stool but this is uncommon in the early days after surgery due to the massive trauma and the high requirement for Vitamin C for healing.  In fact, progressive plastic surgeons have learned to give Vitamin C orally AND by IV post surgery to enhance healing.



If you aren’t familiar with grounding then please ask us for our grounding article as well as the 250 page book.  Grounding is the original anti-inflammatory and pain killer!  Our clinical experience and the book outlines many cases of increased healing and reduced pain via grounding.  In the case of surgery trauma, one may desire to use the “patches” and ground directly into the area needing pain relief.  Many of our patients report minimal to no pain rx with grounding.


Iron feeds bacteria.  Thus, it would not be wise to take iron when one may be at risk of catching a bacterial infection such as post surgery and while on antibiotics.  It is biological fact, but uncommonly remembered by most physicians, that when a patient has a severe infection, especially like a bone infection, the body will remove iron from the blood and store it in the liver in the form of “ferritin” – thus aiding the body in trying to kill the bacteria via removing the “iron bacterial fertilizer” from the blood supply.   

Sometimes the infection is so bad and the body is removing the iron so aggressively from the blood that the person will actually appear anemic on their complete blood count (CBC).    

And what does the average physician do when he sees this anemic CBC? 

He/she administers high doses of iron and many times gives blood transfusions!!! 

What typically happens next is the bacterial infection gets aggressively worse (being fertilized by the iron), and the physician, not seeing improvement in the CBC because the body is continuing to store it in the liver, will administer more iron and another transfusion!!! 

Over the years we’ve gotten dozens of calls from patients who call us on behalf of a family member in the hospital because their loved one has an aggressive bacterial infection that just won’t go away despite the fact it is NOT an antibiotic resistant bacterium.

But by the time we get the phone call, unfortunately, their loved one has typically been dosed with grams of iron and many transfusions. 

And by the time they finally demand and get the inexpensive ferritin blood test, they discover that the person has enough iron stored in their liver for many people – thus fueling the bacterial infection even more.

The worst part is this:  Once the hospital realizes the ferritin is high and the person really does NOT need iron or a transfusion it is too late.  The damage is done. 

The iron is in that patient.  And it is very near impossible to get the iron out of the patient without killing the patient because the main way to remove iron is to donate/remove blood. 

But with a ferritin number that high it is physically impossible to remove the blood that fast to get it down to an optimal level that does not fertilize the bacteria.  And so,  the patient typically dies due to the bacterial infection FED BY THE IRON.   As stated, we’ve seen this sad state happen many times.  And thus, why we are including this warning about iron – because by the time we learn of the crisis it is typically too late. 

Bottom-line:  Just because a CBC shows low RBC, HGB etc does NOT automatically mean you are iron deficient as so many physicians assume before administering iron.  If the doctor demands you to take any iron or get a transfusion, demand a ferritin test!  A normal/optimal ferritin is about 70-80.  And btw, do NOT look at the lab ranges for ferritin – because those ranges are NOT based on health but based on the typical readings of red meat eating carnivores having their ferritin tested – ie:  typically higher than what is optimal/healthy.

And by the way, once the bacterial infection is eliminated, your CBC will increase back to normal and your ferritin (the iron stored in the liver) will drop.  So be sure and re-check your ferritin again after the infection is gone to make sure that the ferritin is at the optimal level post bacterial infection.

Moral of the story for everyone reading this:  Although sold over the counter, iron is a potentially very dangerous mineral.  The body uses iron in many functions including in red blood cells (RBCs).  However, the body is also very efficient at “reusing” the iron when it rids the old RBCs.  That is why it is SO EASY to overdose on iron.  Excess iron is stored in the liver as ferritin.  And if the iron gets too high it does harm to the liver as well as increase the risk of many cancers and cardiovascular diseases. 

Thus, with the exception of menstruating women and those who donate blood every couple months, it is very easy for red meat eating Americans to accumulate iron overload. 

And that is the simple reason why we recommend every patient measure their ferritin annually – to make sure it is at the optimal level.

Disclaimer:  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  WARNING:  Always comply with your physician.

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