(ie: non-homeopathic preparations)

The goal is to take your supplements in equally divided doses throughout the day to even out the nutrient concentrations in your body.   Taking them with your meals 3 times per day is the best way to do this, but most patients aren't able to comply with this request.   Thus, taking your supplements with breakfast and dinner meals is acceptable.   Just evenly divide the required daily number of capsules for each supplement by 2 or 3 depending on how many meals you eat.   If we have put 2-0-2 on your receipt, that means 2 caps should be taken with breakfast, 0 caps with lunch and 2 with dinner meal.   If we tell you take the supplement 1-0-0, that means that 1 cap at breakfast and none for the rest of the day.

Do not take your supplements on an empty stomach or with an ultra small snack (unless directed otherwise).   You may get an upset stomach.   In addition, the supplements don't have the benefit of the rest of the food to aid digestion and absorption.   Ideally, eat a portion of the meal, take your supplements, and then eat the rest of your meal.   This way the supplements are sure to be mixed with food---food which contains cofactors that will aid absorption and utilization of your supplements.

Some people may find that taking supplements too late in the evening may interfere with sleep---they feel energized.   It is best to take them with a dinner prior to 8 pm.

Before taking any capsules, drink some water to wet your mouth and throat.   This will help to lubricate the capsules too.   To avoid choking, take only one capsule at a time unless you are sure you can handle more.

There are some supplement capsules that can be opened and added into nutritional smoothies if you'd prefer to do that.   Please ask us for our advice, however, before doing this as some supplements should NOT be opened up into nutritional smoothies.

Oils and probiotics must be stored in the refrigerator.   Large food jars containing powdered shake mixes inside should be kept in the refrigerator after opening for best freshness, even though this may not be required on the label.   Keep all lids screwed on tightly to prevent oxidation and humidity damage.

Do not take fiber products at the same time as taking your supplements or food.   The fiber may interfer with proper absorption of supplements.   Allow at least two hours between fiber and a meal.

Homeopathic preparations should be taken separately from supplements and food to ensure their effectiveness.   If you are taking homeopathic remedies, be sure to read our homeopathy instruction sheet.

If you've been given duplicate supplement bottles, finish taking the first bottle before starting the next one.   You've been given a duplicate bottle because your dosage requires more than one bottle to be a month supply.

You can be assured your supplements are fresh and tamper-free because we cannot and do not accept the return of supplements.   We cannot in good conscience resell products that have been out of or custody and control.

Please, keep all supplements out of the reach of children!

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