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BEWARE!  If your old Analog Meter was taken and replace with an unwanted Smart Meter, some power companies are 'saying' they are replacing with analog when in fact, they are not..  Unfortunately, they are not installing traditional Analog Meters but rather they are using the Landis & Gyr Type MX electric meter (pictured below). These meters are advertised as analog meters which are "retrofit ready".  In other words, they are capable of being turned back into a Smart Meter in a few quick and easy steps.  Just take off the plastic cover, install Itron's ERT module and instantly you have a wireless communicating Smart Meter.

Following is from "Bended Science" webpage


But it only emits microwave radiation
for 3 minutes a day!

Is this true?
Or is this bended science?

At this point of the science bender's attempt to manipulate you, he/she realizes you:
1.  Know wireless = microwave radiation (and not RF)
2.  Know microwave radiation is unsafe
3.  Know that the microwave dose can be manipulated via "averaging"

Since you haven't been manipulated via the science bender's 1.  the microwave definition argument; 2. the microwave safety argument; or 3. the microwave dose argument, it is time to manipulate you with the microwave's EXPOSURE DURATION argument.

To do this, the science bender simply adds up all the microseconds of pulses, removes the "quiet lag time" between each pulse and compresses your microwave exposures to one simple, small amount of time.

For example, in the case of Smart Meters, it is argued that Smart Meters only emit their microwave radiation 3 minutes per day.  That's doesn't sound like much, right?  You probably aren't even on that side of the house during those 3 minutes, right?

The problem is when you take our microwave meter out to the Smart Meter to test it.  You'll find that your luck was so good that you actually caught the Smart Meter's 3 minute window.  Cool!....

The only problem is this:  Your meter keeps showing the microwave zaps every second during the 4th minute, 5 minute, 6th minute  24/7 a day!

The Smart Meter science benders have taken the 9000 microwave pulses emitted during the day and compressed out of it the 'quiet time' and voila, you have only 3 minutes of microwave exposure!

The same "exposure duration" science bending is used effectively with all the other wireless devices as well.

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