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When we discuss microwave electrosmog there are two main numbers that come up:

1.  The frequency of the microwave  (ie:  2.45 GHz; 5 GHz etc)

2.  The power density of the microwave (ie: v/m; uw/cm2; mw/m2 etc)

Frequency, such as 2.45 GHz, means that the signal oscillates (up and down) 2.45 BILLIONS of times per second.  Yep, you read that right -- BILLONS per SECOND.

Our typical electric wiring, on the other hand,  is 60 Hz -- which is a lot less at only 60 oscillations per second.

BUT, despite 60 being so much lower than 2.45 billion, compare that to our brain, for example, which can't sleep at greater than 1 Hz!  Or our pilot brain goes to a max of about 120 Hz when landing a plane! 

This picture below shows frequency--a lower frequency simply means it oscillates less times per second. 

Power density is completely different than frequency. While frequency says "how fast" the signal oscillating per second, the power density means "how much pressure" or "push" is being exerted by the signal. 

For example, lets assume you have two 'live wires'.  BOTH are carrying a 60 Hz signal.  But one wire is pushing 1000 watts through it and the other is only pushing 1 watt through it.  Both wires are NOT a good idea to be exposed to 24/7 because our body operates at watts far lower than 1 watt.  But which wire would you fear more being around?  Obviously, the one pushing the higher watts -- because it would be an instant death because the power density is higher.

Why are so many people 'unaware' of the severity of our microwave health crisis

There are many reasons.  But here are two common reasons:

1.  It is a technical topic and thus lay people are easily baffled via the expert's talking head whose goal is to baffle with b.s.....see Bending Science.  

2.  The so many different ways (ie: units) to measure microwave "power density". 

For example, power density can be measured in v/m or v/m2 or uW/m2 or mW/m2 or uW/cm2 etc etc!  Thus, it is VERY EASY to take a microwave power density reading with a particular microwave meter and get mixed up because you forget about the units which that particular meter took the measurement.

Hopefully now you understand the difference between frequency and power density.  Frequency just tells you what the electro signal looks like.  The power density tell you how much of it there is.

First of all, why are there so many confusing units to explain power density?

There are different units so they can be used in various different engineering/scientific equations.  Each different unit is just a different way to say the same thing.  For example, I could report my weight to you as follows (but they are all saying the same thing):

110 lbs...or
1760 ounces...or
49.89 kilograms...or
49895.2 grams...or
7.85 stones (England and Ireland)
.05 tons


Secondly, what is microwave power density and why is it so critically important?

Think of the power density as the "thickness of the electrosmog".  This is critically important because the higher the concentration of electrosmog (ie: power density), the more sick people will be as a result of it. 

Also, the higher the power density, the more apt that the microwaves will be able to penetrate right through the concrete walls of your home!

Keep in mind these few facts about microwaves:

1.  Microwaves can travel long long distances....miles and miles.
2.  Microwaves pass right through glass (ie: windows)
3.  Microwaves are reflected by metal
4.  Microwaves are absorbed by carbon (you, me, plants, building materials etc).

The higher the microwave's power density:
1.  The more miles the microwave will travel through the air and glass
2.  The more able to pass through metal-based materials
3.  The more able to pass through carbon compounds (such as your home's walls)

Here's an analogy to help you better understand "microwave power density":

We've all opened our door and smelled a fire outside.  We quickly shut the door and wait for the fire to be put out.  And during that time we do NOT smell the fire's smoke inside our home because the "smoke density" is not thick enough to get into our home via all the itty bitty holes in our home's exterior walls, doors and windows.

HOWEVER, if the fire's smoke becomes seriously thick and dense, we will begin to smell the smoke inside our home even with all the doors/windows shut and the a/c turned off!   This is because the smoke is so thick and putting so much pressure on the exterior of our home that the smoke is able to get into our  home through the small breaks in windows, doors etc.   And, as a result, we start getting sick due to the smoke getting inside our home.

Because microwaves are invisible, odorless and silent, we need a microwave meter to give us the power density of toxic microwave electrosmog.  The meter is our 'nose' to tell us exactly how "dense" or "thick" the microwaves are in our environment.

The "legal max limit" for microwave power density depends on the country you live in.  For example, here are a few maximum legal power density limits in various countries:

Austria:  .1 microwatts/cm2 max limit
Switzerland:  4 microwatts/cm2 max limit
China:  6 microwatts/cm2 max limit
Australia: 200 microwatts/cm2
USA and Canada: 580 microwatts/cm2
England (highest in the world):  5800 microwatts/cm2

On the other hand, in the 1950-1970's when the Russians were aiming microwave radiation at the west facade of the US embassy building in Moscow (and employees got very sick as a result), the Russians were using a power density of about 5 microwatts/cm2.

And the BioInitiative Report says that negative biological effects are appearing at .00034 microwatts/cm2 (aka:  3.4 microwatts/m2 or .036 v/m).

To make measuring power density "easy", we typically rent out our Acoustimeter and tell patients to make sure their home/work microwave power density never shows LEDs above "green" zone. 

The purpose of this page is to give you a calculator to "move back and forth" between the different "units" that power density can be measured:  Good luck...and be careful with those units!

Click here for RF/Microwave conversion table

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