The natural human state is one of health, vitality and joy.

The human body has a “physician within” whose goal is to monitor the organism’s state and strive to return the body, mind and spirit to a healthy state of balance---vitality and joy.

Mankind is the “root cause” of many of our civilization’s diseases----unwise individual, communal and global nutritional, emotional, environmental and spiritual decisions. 
The body’s innate ability to heal is restricted by excess and/or deficiency states.
Excesses include an excess of toxins, over-eating, over-drinking, electro-magnetics, stress, negative emotions etc.
Deficiencies include a deficiency of vitamins, minerals, macro nutrients, amino acids, joy and positive emotions.  No human body has ever had a pharmaceutical drug deficiency.
Health is not the absence of disease.  There is a continuum from white to black….from health to disease. With varying shades of gray in-between.   
The failure of a patient to get a Western diagnosis from the Merck Manual or Harrison’s Guide to Internal Medicine does NOT mean the person is healthy and/or they have a psychological illness.   Instead, the failure to receive a Western diagnosis means the patient is "not sick enough" yet to display all of the symptoms described within the pages of those manuals.
A close, trusted patient/physician team whereby the patient empowers themselves with information and is actively involved in their healing maximizes the patient’s response.
Psychoneuroimmunoendocrinology reveals that the patient’s psychological status directly impacts the rest of their physical health.  Faith, joy and a positive attitude are essential to healing.  A patient who believes their body is intelligent and wants to heal, is typically correct.  A patient who believes that body is stupid and unable to heal, is typically correct as well.
Genetics also play a role.  Significant genetic polymorphisms can cause a person to perform certain biochemical functions, such as detoxification,  at a reduced rate.  Through nutritional interventions, however, we can modulate and up-regulate the expression of one’s genetics.

Suppressing symptoms is suppressing symptoms.  It is not ridding the root cause of the illness. 

"Dark and difficult times lie ahead. 
Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy."
-Professor Dumbledore speaking to Harry Potter

"There are two types of pain you will go through in life,
the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.
Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."
-Jim Rohn

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It is DIFFICULT to get a man to understand something
when his SALARY depends on him NOT UNDERSTANDING IT.
Upton Sinclair

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