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Can I bring my own lab results to my appointment with you?

          You are always welcome and encouraged to bring past lab results with you.   In fact, if you haven't done so already, we encourage every patient to maintain a notebook with all their labs contained inside.   Then, every time you visit any physician, you ask for a copy of the lab work, and put it in your notebook.   Unlike other physician's offices, our patients ALWAYS get a copy of their lab work.   Your maintenance of your "lab notebook" is critical because significant changes in lab results is just as important as the specific lab result itself.   With all this above said, however, keep in mind that we run tests that are far more comprehensive.   The majority of our patients have never had any of the lab tests we recommend run on them before.

How can I find a health practitioner like you near me?
      Unlike western allopathic medicine, alternative complementary medicine is NOT standardized.     This means it is likely you will get similar treatments even if you see different gynocologists.   In the field of alternative medicine, the physician has gained training, certification and experience beyond the "community standard of care".   The amount and type of extra training the physician has received depends entirely on his/her interests and passion.   For example, in the field of acupuncture, you will find that all of us had similiar TCM and acupuncture training.   However, the acupuncturist's interest/passion determines how much post-graduate training they would have received in specialized fields such as bioenergetic medicine, nutrition, functional medicine, genomics etc.   So, to answer your question, we are unable to tell you how to find a practitioner like me near you. For example, you may need to see several individuals such as an acupuncturist and nutritionist and bioenergetic specialist separately.   With all this said, keep in mind that after you have visited us for your initial in-office appointment, we are able to help you from your home via phone consults, lab tests done via service providers in your own area and even remote "virtual clinic" electro-dermal screening!   We have patients all over the USA and they only physically visit us for an in-office appointment once or twice a year.   (Note:   If you live in NY, we and are lab service providers are unable to assist you due to NY state regulations).

How do I know that you can treat and help me?
      First of all, no health provider can offer you a treatment guarantee.   If they do, run!   Every patient and thus, every patient's "dis-ease" is biochemically, energetically and emotional UNIQUE to them.   However, with over 12+ years of seeing patients, there are some similiarities and we use our experiences with these patients to help you.   But to answer your questions, before we are willing to book an appointment with any patient, you must first have a mini phone consultation (5-15 minutes -- no charge) with our patient educator who will listen to your concerns and determine whether or not we are able to accept you as a patient.   We don't book patients just to book patients!   Your success is our success.   With that said, our experience is that the vast majority of diseases are due to a unhealthy lifestyle---unhealthy diet, stress, emotions, sleep, sun, exercise, toxins etc.   And the patient's symptoms dramatically improve and/or are eliminated entirely when these issues are addressed with natural modalities.  

Can Linnette be my primary care physican even if I am not currently sick?
      You are welcome (and encouraged!) to see me for preventative care!   Many patients look to us for much of their comprehensive health care.   However, whether you are sick or not, it is mandatory that you maintain your relationship with your medical doctor!   There are several services that we are unable to perform either due to licensure restrictions and/or education.   For example, just to name a couple reasons, women should maintain a relationship with their gyno for their regular pap smears and we all need a medical doctor that has "hospital privilege " in the unfortunate event we end up in a hospital.

Can I do phone calls from out-of-state? Do I need to be a patient?
      First of all, for us to diagnose and treat you, you MUST be a patient.  After you step foot in our clinic and start a "patient relationship" with us, then we are able to maintain that relationship with phone consults discussing your condition, new lab reports, virtual EDS etc.  You will need to maintain your patient status, however, by visiting our clinic at least once per year. 
    For those unable to come to our clinc for an initial patient visit, we do offer "non-patient" consults.  In this case, you are NOT our patient.  We wll NOT diagnose or treat you.  However, we can give you insight into the types of issues and modalities you may wish to pursue with you hometown physician(s).    The "non-patient consult" is really a "personal educational experience" much like reading a health book written especially for you.   Our hands are tied in terms of how much we can help you---but for many, the "non-patient personal educational experience" consult is better than nothing.

Will insurance pay for my tests?
     First of all, we accept no insurance assignment or payment whatsoever -- please see our Fees/Policies page.  At your request, however, we will provide you a "superbill" that you may present to your insurance company.  Our experience is that our tests are rarely reimbursed.
    Some patients ask their medical doctor to perform requested tests, however, our experience is that in the majority of the doctors are unwilling to perform a test he/she is not familiar with the biochemical reaction, laboratory, technology and/or how this test could possible relate to the patient's health condition. 
    In the event your physician is willing to order the test, the next hurdle is the insurance company.  Even if your medical doctor does order the test, it doesn't necessarily mean your insurance company will pay for it.  Typically, insurance companies do NOT pay for preventative care.  Typically, insurance companies do NOT pay for investigational testing.  And in the event the insurance company does not pay for the test, be prepared to pay much more than we quoted!  For example, a patient recently was quoted a price of $30 for a test. She decided to have the test done through her medical doctor and he was willing to perform the test.    Her insurance, however, refused to pay for the test and she is now being billed $200.  It is not uncommon for lab tests to be marked up 6-10x due to all the extra fees and labor associated with insurance-paid care. 

What services can you perform?
    The scope of practice of an Acupuncture Physician is quite broad and eclectic including homeopathy, EDS, nutrition and more.  Of course, in order to practice any of these modalities, one is required to obtain adequate training and education in these areas.  There are limits to our license including, but not limited to, the inablity to prescribe drugs and perform surgery.


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