Background:  To begin, it is important that you know you signed the following buried within your BrightHouse internet contract.

"Bright House expressly disclaims any responsibility or
liability for your use of WiFi...Bright House may for any reason, and without notice to you, modify or terminate WiFi Service and these Terms of Use without liability to you, any user or any third party."

I own more microwave detection meters than anyone I know...and yes, that includes all my electrical engineering patients and my WiFi-employed patients as well.  I've spent thousands of dollars in the microwave detection direction.  Each meter has its own pros and cons.  Thus, why I have so many...

I rent them out and yes, I even sell microwave meters, but only those that reach into the 8 GHz range because anything less still leaves a person deaf, dumb and blind to his/her microwave exposures....

Which, now that I think about it, why is that so? 

Shouldn't an employee that is "selling microwave" services and products at least be carrying one microwave meter on their truck?  Especially given the microwave mystery that happened to my patient recently? 

Think about it.  Why would me, a low-life doc with a meter and 30 minutes to spare, be able to
solve a microwave mystery that no BrightHouse employee could solve in less than 12 hours of examination? 

What's wrong with that picture?  And why is that so?

Think about it.  If you can.  If you are sitting in a WiFi'd environment while reading this, you may have trouble doing that...."thinking" that is.  Sigh.

In this microwave age, the ONLY empowered person with half a chance is someone with a microwave meter.  Otherwise, I guarantee you will fall victim to this century's invisible, odorless and silent toxin.  How else can you dodge it?  Or at least how can you minimize your exposure unless you can have the invisible microwave radiation made visible via the right meter?

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't measure microwave radiation at my home and/or at my clinic.  And I've been noticing a very disturbing trend.  And that trend is that the microwave emissions outside my clinic's front door seem to be growing stronger and stronger by the week. 

One of the meters I own makes the microwaves audible -- and the sound helps me determine what the source is.  For example, cell towers have one sound.  And WiFi has a very distinctive rat-tat-tat different sound.

All this time I've thought that the increasing microwaves outside my clinic's front door may have been sourcing from the cell tower at the corner of US1 and Eau Gallie.  The only problem with that theory is that these increasing microwave emissions do NOT sound like cell tower microwave radiation.  They sound like strong WiFi microwave emissions.

As I've said elsewhere on this site, in my opinion, in most cases our worst microwave exposures come from WiFi within our homes/office because it is 24/7 emissions.  While some people, due to their job, DO live on their cell phones, most people don't.  And thus, why my opinion that WiFi is our biggest offender and easy to fix.  Just de-wireless your home!

The only thing that scares me more than WiFi within the home is WiFi throughout the entire city.  This means that the rat-tat-tat microwave emissions are purposely put into the public airspace simply so someone can access WiFi just walking down the street or sitting on a park bench.

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared low wattage microwaves, such as in WiFi, a possible carcinogen, and other European countries are moving quickly to REMOVE WiFi from their schools and towns, here in the USA the installation of city-wide WiFi is proceeding ahead full force.

WiMax is the name for WiFi city wide.  I had heard that WiMax hadn't made it to Brevard yet.  Good.

But today I got a disturbing email.  The email showed Brevard's WiFi hotspots -- same thing as WiMax -- just that the vendor providing it is Comcast and they call it Xfinity WiFi (rather than WiMax).

Click here for the link to Comcast hotspots.

First of all, what is a Comcast hotspot and how does it work?

It starts with you and me -- residential and business internet customers.

Then, our internet supplier, such as BrightHouse, climbs into bed with someone like Comcast. 

Brighthouse agrees with Comcast to pimp out our person/busines WiFI---most probably adding a secondary and/or stronger microwave antenna that reaches well to that park bench in the park next to you.

What the customer doesn't know is that there is a second microwave antenna in their home/office -- one to service their home/office and one to spew the microwave radiation into the street so that person on the park bench can get WiFi.

This DOUBLES that person's exposure to microwave radiation because they have two microwave emitters and/or stronger watts to reach from their home/office to the street.

I put in my zip code for my clinic.  Then I clicked closer and closer on the map until I found my location and all the "big red dots with white lines" that showed the actual Comcast hotspots. 

I found that there was a Comcast hotspot at 501 N. Harbor City Blvd -- Dr. Patel's DDS office just next door to me!  And another just a bit north of him at Shepherd's Heart ministries.  And another a bit south of me at Express Tax Services and Way Fast Signs and Banners.

As for my home, there is a Comcast Hotspot located on a single family home just south of me a bit.

Are all these Hotspots Comcast internet customers?  Doubtful.  Look at all of them!  I don't personally know one Comcast internet customer.  Do you?

Or is Comcast piggy backing on some other "easier to reach" microwave antenna such as their FPL Smart Meter? 

Or, my best bet, is Comcast in bed with our town's major wireless provider, BrightHouse, and unknowingly to us, turned our homes and businesses into microwaved hotspots behind our backs?

Do these businesses and homeowners know that they are being "used" as a Comcast Hotspot? 

Do these businesses and homeowners get any compensation for being "used" as a Comcast Hotspot because, after all, it is only fair because they are providing a service to the city AND they are receiving a double dose of microwave radiation within their home/office, right?

So, how about where you live or work?  Are YOU being "double microwave zapped" and being "used" as a WiFi hotspot?  Or are you being quadruple microwave zapped via your Smart Meter AND WiFi AND your near-by cell tower AND now learning you are a WiFi hotspot for your city as well?

OR, is your neighbor being used as a WiFi hotspot?  Does he/she know it?

Check it out and let me know if you find anything interesting.  Here's how to use the Comcast Hotspot locator:

1.  Type in your zip code at the top left of the screen. 

2.  Click on the map till you get closer and closer to your home/office

3.  Stop when the dots go from pink to "red with white strips"

4.  Click on the "red with white strip" dot.  It will give you the address of the Hotspot

**Are they a Comcast customer?

**Did they know they are being "used" as a WiFi Hotspot?

**Are they being compensated by Comcast for their service to the city (and increased exposure to microwave radiation)?  Or does Comcast get to keep all the earnings?

Another interesting microwave mystery worth investigating, eh?

"Dark and difficult times lie ahead. 
Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy."
-Professor Dumbledore speaking to Harry Potter

"There are two types of pain you will go through in life,
the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.
Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."
-Jim Rohn

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