Life's Lesson
by: Linnette M. Beck

Through loss, one grieves...

Through grief, one feels pain...

Through pain, one seeks relief...

Through seeking relief, one develops bravery...

Through bravery, one discovers truth...

Through truth, one finds peace...

And so, grief becomes our door to enlightenment...

And loss has transmuted itself into a cherished gift.

Relationship Overview

          Relationships.  We all want them. We all crave them.  We all need them. It is a primal urge.  The urge to be in a relationship is the primal 'urge to merge' with the yang if we are yin.  The urge to be in a relationship is the primal 'urge to merge' with the yin if we are yang.

          But why do have such a drive?

          We want, crave and need relationships because they fill a void we have been unable to fill on our own. And unconsciously, we are seeking the other person to fill that void.

          And THAT is exactly why most relationships crash sooner or later---especially after the honeymoon period of 1-3 years dating.   Kaboom. Crash.  And all the pain that comes with it.

            How come you always pick heartbreakers?  How come this always happen to you?  How come you are attracted to heartbreakers and heartbreakers are attracted to you?

          Do you seem to repeatedly get yourself into unhealthy relationships?  Do you want to have a healthy, long lasting relationship?  Great!  Because the answer is simple.     

          Here’s the root cause of your relationship dis-ease:  It is not them.  It is you.  YOU are the common denominator of all your relationship dis-eases.

          The answer is to become conscious of your  hidden unconscious drivers that get you into relationships in the first place.

          Once you become aware of what is running your actions and your selection of mate, you are less likely to pick the wrong person who ‘fills your void’ so well.  Once you become aware of what is running your actions while you are in a relationship, you are less likely to expect and demand that your mate make up for what happened to you in your past.

          So, the first step to establishing a relationship that will go the distance is to discover (make conscious) the real you.  Do NOT get into any relationship until you are conscious of the real you.  Because if you do, you will likely discover that the real you is not in love with your mate----instead, that mate is filling your unconscious void. 

          And btw, it is only a matter of time before your mate stops filling your unconscious void.  And the only thing worse than a mate not filling your void is a mate re-stimulating your unconscious void so that you feel its sheer terror!  The crashing and burning of the relationship is inevitable. 

          So, let’s say it again. Do you want a relationship that will go the distance?  Then here’s the first step again:

          The answer is to become conscious of your hidden unconscious drivers that get you into relationships in the first place.

          Once you are conscious of your unconscious drivers, you will no longer be attracted to the losers who are likely to hurt you.  In fact, once you are conscious you likely be repelled by these people because you know the power they have to hurt you!

          How do you become conscious of your hidden drivers toward the opposite sex?  Click here.



"Dark and difficult times lie ahead. 
Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy."
-Professor Dumbledore speaking to Harry Potter

"There are two types of pain you will go through in life,
the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.
Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."
-Jim Rohn

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It is DIFFICULT to get a man to understand something
when his SALARY depends on him NOT UNDERSTANDING IT.
Upton Sinclair

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