Warning:  We've had several people very disappointed in renting or buying meters from other vendors.  Meters vary widely in their capabilities.  When you rent or buy the wrong meter you think you are safe when in fact, you are simply still deaf and blind to the invisible threats in the air. 

De-zapping your home environment of microwave radiation is doable, easy and affordable.  You can do it!  You just need to do it!  Cleaning your home of microwave exposure alone will greatly reduce your body's daily microwave absorption.  Your body is NOT "blocking" these microwaves!  Your body is "absorbing" the microwaves!  Then, after you clean up your home space, start talking to your friends, neighbors, employer and school about de-zapping their properties so that your own exposures are reduced when visiting these places.

Step #1:  At a minimum, ground yourself when sleeping and using your computer.  If possible, ground whenever you are "staying put".  Grounding drastically reduces your body's voltage (aka: stress) from your daily microwave absorption.  Yes, we offer grounding straps (for sleep) and grounding mats (while using computers, reading, watching TV etc).  Preferably, filter out the dirty electricity entering your grounding wire with a filter.  Yes, we carry the grounding kits and the filters.

Step #2:  Identify RF/microwave and magnetic sources via testing.  Rent the right meter(s)!  Yes we rent professional/commercial grade meters.  Use a meter that won't miss the the type of EMF as well as the frequencies you are being exposed to!  That's why we recommend the Acoustimeter for RF/Microwave testing (but we also offer the Gigahertz Solutions HF35C testing meter as well) and the Trifield meter for magnetic testing (but we also offer the Gigahertz Solutions ME3830B as well).

Basically, your choices are:

1.  Rent the right meters from us.  We rent BOTH magnetic and RF/Microwave for $30/day.  That's TWO meters for $30/day total.  Remember, NO METER does it all.  That's why we need the two meters.


2. Buy the right meters from us.  We offer affordable RF/Microwave and magnetic meters with excellent sensitivity and frequency detectability.   If you can only afford one meter, let it be a good RF/Microwave meter---because with the current wireless explosion it is now impossible to keep our homes/work safe from RF/Microwave exposures without having a RF/microwave meter at our disposal.  You don't get what you expect.  You get what you inspect! 

Step #3:  Turn off, unplug and/or remove all microwave sources from your home.  Move your sitting and sleeping areas away from microwave and magnetic fields.  Shut off your Wi-Fi immediately!  Wi-Fi is dangerous!

Step #4:  Block microwaves coming from sources beyond your control with bonafide technologies that workThese include effective Faraday technology blocking tools for your Smart Meter, cell phone, window films, paints, clothing etc.  Every person's microwave situation is different.  Don't waste money!  Using proper step-by-step protocols will save you money.  And don't waste your money on 'gimmicks' that say they make your environment healthy but don't change the meter reading at all.  These products do NOT take place of actions and/or products that DO block these fields.

Step #5:  Re-test your environment to "make sure" that you've removed/reduced all your RF/microwave/magnetic exposures.  Some emissions don't become noticeable until other "overpowering" emissions are eliminated.   In other words, test...fix...test...fix...test...fix...until you have the bunker you need to protect your body's fragile  fractal antenna (ie: DNA) from the environment's man-made electromagnetic interference.

Step #6:  Test for dirty electricity and filter it down to a < 75 mV (prefer <50 mV) healthier level.

Step #7:  Tell others what you have learned.  Tell your friends, family, employer and school.   Such actions will reduce your "second hand" microwave, magnetic and dirty electricity exposures.  I would NOT recommend that  you tell your friends about Step #8 below.  With all the controversy about electro-smog, it is important to not stray from solid EMF, physics-based discussions. 

Step #8:  If you feel compelled to purchase products like jewelery and diodes that claim to protect you from man-made frequencies, go for it.  But only as long as these products don't cause you to increase your exposure to toxic emitters such as cell phones, iPads etc.  Don't bet  your life on these products.  The only actions/products that consistently work are those that pass meter inspection protocols:   Electro-toxin avoidance, electro-toxin minimization and products based on Faraday technology.


Linnette M. Beck AP, DOM offers a highly comprehensive
Electro-smog technical consult of your home or office.

 RF/Microwave fields, magnetic fields, electric fields and dirty electricity
 are all investigated and solution options are given to reduce your exposure.
All meters are utilized pre and post solution.    Call for details.


With dedicated concentration, a layperson can learn how to measure their environment for RF/Microwave, electric and magnetic fields.  However, with that said, here are the most common mistakes we've seen made. 

1.  Use of the wrong meter:  There is a different meter for RF/Microwave, magnetic, electric field and radioactivity testing. SmartMeter have a preferred meter as well.

2.  Use of a non-sensitive meter:  Exposures are missed due to meter's inability to measure the frequency or strength needed in your environmental situation.

3.  Misunderstanding of a safe level:  Each type of field is measured in different units.  Thus, it can be confusing to know what exposure is safe and what isn't when you are jumping between meters.

4.  Poor triangulation to locate emissions source: 
a.  Pointing meter in wrong direction
b.  Blocking the meter's antenna with something (such as your body or anything else)
c.  Interference emissions such as a nearby cell phone, a car's emissions etc



RF/Microwave Acoustimeter info
**Measures radio frequency and microwave exposures**
*****Unlike other meters, extremely wide range of frequency detection*****
200 MHz to 8000 MHz (8 GHz)

It looks like this:
Available for rental or for purchase


Click here
for easy-to-use RF/Microwave Acoustimeter meter instructions by Linnette

Click here for official RF/Microwave Acoustimeter meter manual

(The 2012 BioInitiative Reports says negative biological effects from RF/microwave exposure starts at only 3.4 microwatts/m2.  The green (ok) LEDs on the Acoustimeter turn to yellow (caution) at .05 v/m which is closer to 6.63 microwattts/m2)


RF/Microwave Cornet ED-85EXS info
**Measures radio frequency and microwave exposures**
*****Unlike other meters, extremely wide range of frequency detection*****
1 MHz to 8000 MHz (8 GHz)

It looks like this:

Available for rental or for purchase:

6 GHz Basic RF Meter

Click here for easy-to-use Cornet RF/Microwave meter instructions by Linnette

Click here for Cornet Owner's Manual


RF/Microwave Gigahertz Solutions HF35C info
**Measures radio frequency and microwave exposures**
The best meter to research SmartMeters

Detects a narrower frequency range than the Acoustimeter
800 MHz to 2500 MHz (2.5 GHz)

The HF35C is also a bit more tricky to use than the Acoustimeter.

It looks like this:

Available for rental

Click here for easy-to-use HF35C meter instructions by Linnette

Click here for official HF35C meter manual


Each RF/microwave source has its own "sound"
This "sound" helps you also find the source of the emissions

This video shows the different "sounds" using the HF35C meter.


Click here for different "sounds" coming from an Acoustimeter.
(The sample sounds are in the blue box mid page)


The following video shows this RF/Microwave Acoustimeter in action--its easy!

The disabling he discusses in video is what my internet provider
did for me and it did NOT work!!

You don't get what you expect!  You get what you inspect!  Test with meter!


Electric & Magnetic

Electromagnetic meter info
**Measures magnetic field exposures**

We offer two electric/magnetic meters:  Trifield and the Gigahertz Solutions 3830B

Available for rental or for purchase:

Click here for easy-to-use Trifield meter instructions by Linnette

Click here for official Trifield Electromagnetic meter manual

The following video shows this electromagnetic Trifield meter in action -- its easy!


Radioactive Isotopes

Geiger counter info
**Measures radioactive isotope exposures**

Click here for easy-to-use Geiger counter instructions by Linnette

Click here for official Geiger counter meter manual

Click here for our Grounding Products

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