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"Have laptop and projector....will travel!" grins Linnette as she rolls her laptop toward her car for her next educational trip.

Linnette M. Beck AP, DOM is is as passionate about her clinical work as she is dedicated to empowering and educating the public about their health care.

"Babyboomers are aging...nutritional deficiences and toxic overload are at an all time high.   Someone has to awaken the American public out of their dream before it is too late.   Someone has to remind the American public that their lifestyle acts (and failure to act) are the root cause of their "dis-ease" and all time high intake of expensive, symptom suppression pharmaceutical drugs."

Linnette has created and discussed thousands of powerpoint slides with people across the USA and received nothing but positive feedback from some of the most highly degreed medical professionals in America.   Although Linnette's style is fun and dynamic, her presentations do not lack substance.   Linnette backs-up her words and presentation with references and quotes from some of the most pretigious research journals in the world.   Without doubt, Linnette is a leading edge meta-researcher who tirelessly seeks out the root cause of chronic illness and brings to her seminars information that will not be discussed in other alternative health seminars for years to come.

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What physicians are saying about Linnette Beck's seminars

"Rarely are we gifted with a PARADIGM shift in nutritional medicine.  Linnette Beck has just done it!  Synthesizing the principles of physical chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy and nutrition, Linnette has given us a clinically relevant understanding of the Beta-Oxidizer Neurological Syndrome by opening our eyes and minds to the FATRIX.  Wow!"
    Jack E. Young, MD, MD(H), NMD, PhD.

"Dr. Beck has a passion and a vision for the frontier of health that exists at the bi-layered cell membrane.  The frontier of health and healing exists at the cell membrane and the normalization of its structure and function.  Dr. Beck loves and lives at the cell membrane and conveyed to me the information I need to be a more effective physician for neurological healing."
    George Moon, DC

"Linnette Beck's lecture solved many problems for my most difficult patients.  She presents a scholarly paradigm shift that will add great dimension to my healing abilities.  The companion materials were outstanding.  You better believe I wil not miss a future lecture by this speaker."
    Mary Couillard, PhD, ARNP

"This seminar provided leading edge and breakthrough information that I have not seen presented anywhere else.  It offered both an insightful and fresh perspective on some otherwise complex subjects.  It dispelled the commerical myths and confusion about fatty acids.  I will immediately apply what I learned about metabolic types, lipids and key nutritional modulators.  Look for this material to lead the way for future research.  Highly recommended."
    Bruce Vinikas, AP

"Dark and difficult times lie ahead. 
Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy."
-Professor Dumbledore speaking to Harry Potter

"There are two types of pain you will go through in life,
the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.
Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."
-Jim Rohn

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It is DIFFICULT to get a man to understand something
when his SALARY depends on him NOT UNDERSTANDING IT.
Upton Sinclair

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