Homeopathy is a natural system of medicine which gives relief from suffering for millions of people in nearly every country in the world.  It is a therapy based on the practice of treating like with like.  Homeopathy is derived from the Greek word Homoios which means like or similar.

Homeopathy is concerned with the treatment of the whole person as a unique individual, rather than treating the disease alone.  For this reason, people with the same disease may then be treated with different medicines.

        Homeopathy is also used effectively in dental treatment, the treatment of animals and in conjunction with other therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic. 

            Homeopathy has a significant role in both curative and preventative medicine.


            Homeopathy is a well established healing system.  Known to the ancient Greeks, the modern system of homeopathy was introduced by a brilliant German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, in the nineteenth century.

            Appalled by the barbaric medical practices of his day, he sought a more humane alternative.  In his experiments, he took massive doses of Cinchona, a rug used for the treatment of malaria.  To his surprise, he found that he developed symptoms similar to malaria.  From this observation he developed the basic principle of homeopathy.

            Today homeopathy is well accepted as a safe and effective alternative form of medical treatment around the world.


            Homeopathy is a healing process in which the medicines stimulate and encourage the body’s natural healing forces of recovery.

            The homeopathic principle of treating like with like is basic in treating an illness with a substance that produces in a healthy person similar symptoms to those experienced by the sick person.  Conventional medicine believes that symptoms are caused by the illness, whereas homeopathy believes the symptoms as the body’s natural reaction in fighting the illness and seeks to stimulate them rather that suppress themFor example, Ipecacuanha (from the root of the plant) if taken by a healthy person will cause vomiting, but if taken in tiny homeopathic doses will cure vomiting.

            Homeopathic medicines contain very, very small quantities of the substances called potencies, prepared in a special way.  These high dilutions not only enhance their curative properties, but avoid undesirable side-effects.  In many cases homeopathic medicine is so dilute that if taken to a chemist for analysis, nothing would be found except the base (ie: water and alcohol). 

            It is because of its extreme dilutions and the theory that homeopathy works via an energetic physics-based method.


            Due to their extreme dilutions, homeopathic medicines are completely safe with no unwanted side-effects and they are non-addictive.  They are safe for babies, children and the elderly.


            There are more than 2000 homeopathic medicines.  They look the same as any other medicine, although they are totally different in their preparation and action.  They are usually presented in the form of liquids, granules or tablets, all prepared in modern laboratories in scientific conditions to the highest quality standards.  They are prepared from pure, natural animal, vegetable and mineral substances that are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).

            The liquid versions are typically in a water/alcohol blend (80/20 mix).  The granules and tablets dissolve easily, are sweet tasting and are typically a lactose mix. 


            Homeopathy should be taken away from all other food, drink, tobacco, medicines etc.  Homeopathy is best taken between meals on an empty stomach which is defined as a sufficient time since the last meal/drink that the stomach is empty AND 15-20 minutes before taking in anything else orally.

            The frequency of the dose and the potency of the medicine may vary according to the type of condition and the potency of the homeopathic medicine (as recommended by you doctor).  The potency of the medicine is denoted by a number which follows its name.  For example, Arnica 6x or Cantharis 30x.  

            Proper diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep will, of course, enhance the treatment.

            Avoid handling the granules/tablets to prevent contamination.  Tip them into the cap of the container or use a clean spoon.  Keep the medicines is a cool, dark place and away from strong smelling substance and radiation (PC monitors, microwaves, TV, airport security x-ray) and they will remain effective for several years.

The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them.

Ecclesiasticus 38:4

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