The strange thing about Electro-Poisoning is that many people have it, but very few of them realize that it is Electro-Poisoning that is causing their symptoms.

Electro-Poisoning has not be publicized well and most doctors aren't even aware of it. 

Because, like tobacco's effects, it will take decades before electro-poisoning becomes widely known, it is important that you know the symptoms of electro-poisoning.

Electro-Poisoning appears to do its damage at the DNA level via the Fractal Antenna as well as the disruption of DNA's physical structure via the disruption of the DNA's Van der Waal forces
Although there are other biomechanical theories.

Henry Lai, Phd, in the department of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, wrote an interesting article discussing the neurological effects of RF/Microwave radiation -- including memory, addictions, performance etc.

Review this list...and take steps to reduce your daily cumulative microwave absorption.  For your sake.  For  your babies' sake.  And before you become an electro-sensitive person that is forced to live outside our electrified civilization.

Given Electro-Poisoning's impact at the DNA level and cellular communication, it should be no surprise that the list of possible Electro-Poisoning symptoms is virtually endless.

However,  you will note that a great many of the symptoms are in the neurological and psychological arena.  This is because Electro-Poisoning, especially low dose microwave exposure, makes the "blood brain barrier" leaky and thus, non-resistant to blood-carried toxins.  Also, our spinal cord acts as an antenna for Electro-Poisons.

The only test for Electro-Poisoning is to greatly reduce your Electro-Poisoning exposure (via "meter proven" tactics) and wait 30 days to see how many of your symptoms disappear.  Assuming your reduction in Electro-Poisoning is meter-proven, you will be amazed at the results! 

The following is sample list of Electro-Poisoning symptoms...

Neurological and Psychological Symptoms

Head pressure
Inability to focus
Brain fog/sluggish thinking
Nausea or vomiting
Difficulty concentrating
Memory loss
Balance problems
Sleep disruption
Lost productivity
Disintegrating relationships
Unusual family conflicts
Slow reaction time
Violent behavior
Mood disorders
Personality changes

Immune Symptoms

Cancers of all types
   (With general "overall" exposure to low watt microwave radiation, such as WiFi and cell towers, the most common cancers are leukemia, lymphoma and melanoma.  If the microwave exposure is from a device held near the body, such as cell phone on head, or cell phone in bra or police radar gun in lap, then the cancer will be in the area of body the device was most often positioned.  If the microwave exposing device is held near the hip, then reproductive-related cancers and blood cancers are most common.  Keep in mind that much of our 'blood elements' are produced in our bones, especially our pelvis bone.  Because of this vast array of different cancer locations, this is one major reason why the 'discovery' of the link between microwaves and cancer will unlikely come in our lifetime.  Unlike the link between tobacco and lung cancer, the link between microwave devices and cancer will be MUCH harder to prove due to the diverse types of cancers--which means it will take at least 50 years.  And frankly, can humans (as well as plants and other animals) handle continuous increasing microwave exposure for the next 50 years until something is done at the government level to stop the electro-poisoning of US citizens?
Autoimmune diseases
Suppressed immune system
Chronic colds, flu and/or bacterial infections

Cardiac Symptoms

Pain or pressure in the chest
Low or high blood pressure
Slow or fast heart rate
Irregular heartbeat
Pacemaker defibrillation
Circulation problems
Heart attack

Respiratory Symptoms

Shortness of breath
Difficulty breathing
Respiratory problems
Pneumonia; respiratory infections
Flu-like symptoms
Rhinitis (inflammation of nasal membranes)

Dermatological Symptoms

Skin rash
Skin irritation
Skin dryness
Skin problems
Facial flushing
Atopic dermatitis

Ophthalmological Symptoms

Pain or burning in the eyes
Pressure in or behind the eyes
Deteriorating vision
Vision disturbances
Eye pain

Auditory Symptoms

Ringing in the ears
Buzzing in the ears
White nose 24/7
Ear pain

Muscular and Skeletal Symptoms

Muscle spasms
Altered reflexes
Muscle and joint pain
Leg or foot pain
Swollen joints
Joint irritation
Muscle pain

Digestive Symptoms

Digestive difficulties
Abdominal pain

Hormonal Symptoms

Sexual problems
Enlarged thyroid
Testicular or ovarian pain
Altered sugar metabolism
Reproductive tumors
Uterine tumors

Children-related Symptoms

Childhood leukemia
Brain tumors
Birth defects
Bed wetting
Behavioral problems

Others Symptoms

Dryness of lips, tongue, mouth or eyes
Great thirst

Nose bleeds
Bone loss
Internal bleeding
Immune abnormalities:  Autoimmune or suppressed immune; cancer

Redistribution of metals within the body
Hair loss
Pain in the teeth
Deteriorating fillings
Accelerated leaking of mercury from amalgam fillings
Impaired sense of smell
Mouth ulcers

Inhalant allergies
Food allergies
Sexual arousal

Night sweats
Rapid aging
Oxidative damage
Urinary problems
Leg cramps
Stiff neck or back
DNA breakage; free radical damage; rapid aging
Mitochondrial damage
Physical weakness or pain
Demineralization of tissues and cells
Kidney damage
Pets get jumpy
Life span decreased

"Named" Diseases

Chronic Fatigue syndrome (CFS)
Gulf War Syndrome
Alzheimer's disease
Parkinson's disease
Lou Gehrig's disease/ALS
Behcet's Disease
Brain Gliomas

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