Electro-Sensitive People
(aka:  Microwave Syndrome)

Who is an electro-sensitive person?

Electro-Sensitive People?  Are you kidding me?

I wouldn't laugh if I were you.  Because these people really do exist.  And some are my patients.  And YOU may have electro-poisoning symptoms now....or you or your kids will have it in the near future

Electro-Sensitivity (also called electro-hyper-sensitivity syndrome or EHS) is occurring all over Europe -- because these countries are just a few years ahead of us in terms of unsafe, ambient levels of microwave radiation which was the finally straw that triggered their EHS.

Although many international, independent scientists are describing EHS as the next future health catastrophe, here in the the USA:

1.  EHS is deemed a "psychiatric illness' (just as fibromyalgia, PMS and MCS was in the early days).

2.  By virtue of your unknowingly signed contract, wireless manufacturers and service providers are already refusing any future legal claims linked to diseases/death resulting from EMF exposures.

Don't believe is is possible?  Then rent the 58 minute movie "Desperately Seeking White Zone" from us. This movie documents the personal stories of men, women and children who are currently victims suffering from EMF pollution.  You will discover their alarming living conditions as well as their painful and crippling health symptoms.  And like you, NOT one of these victims thought they would get EHS...until it was too late.

Here's the movie trailer:

It is called Electrohypersensitivity Syndrome (EHS) and/or Microwave Syndrome

No one knows by exactly what biological mechanism electro-sensitivity is triggered---at this point there are several theories:

1.  Fractal antenna theo
One of the DNA response to EMR is the production of "heat shock proteins" at non-thermal EMR levels.  Thus, they are more rightly just called "shock proteins".  The production of these proteins proves the cells are under stress.  The role of these proteins is to put essential cellular machinery/enzymes in 'cocoons' so they are protected (but cease to function).

2.  Mast cell and histamine theory

3.  Calcium Efflux theory:

Removal of calcium ions bound to cellular membranes and thus, leading to the membrane's weakened structure and cellular functioning.  Leakage of calcium into neurons generating spurious action potentials.  Leaky membranes leading to changes in blood-brain barrier, leaky gut syndrome, skin leakage etc.

4.  and other biomechanism theories. 

When trying to determine "why" something happens, it is SO EASY to blame the smoke and not the fire.  In other words, just because a house is engulfed in smoke doesn't mean the smoke CAUSED the demise of the house. 

Ditto for health.  That's why my motto is "Root Cause Solutions for Chronic Illness".  Because it is so
easy to treat the symptoms of the disease (ie: smoke) rather than the harder job, to keep searching for the source spark that "started it all".

So, just to be clear and make sure there is no misunderstanding, I am convinced that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and especially microwave poisoning, is a significant ROOT CAUSE of many illnesses.  In fact, I have zero doubt.

When looking at the various theories as to "how" EMR is the root cause of disease, two theories stand out (and all the rest appear to be just "smoke" or "resultant downstream bio-reactions":

1.  DNA functioning as a fractal antenna


2.  Calcium efflux

Why?  Because both of the above result in the DNA's destruction (ie: calcium efflux results in lysosomes digesting the DNA) and/or malfunctioning DNA (ie:  wacked protein synthesis; heat shock protein production).  And when the DNA isn't right, nothing downstream is right.


At the time of this writing, it is estimated that 38% (3% + 35% = 38%) of the US population is experiencing moderate to severe symptoms results from electro-sensitivity.  Some so severe that they have had to move to remote locations with minimal microwave exposure.


Personally, I believe the percentage of people to be electro-sensitive closer to 95%.

I have this opinion based on the vast majority (95%+) of the people reporting positive outcomes associated with grounding and drastically reducing their electrosmog exposure via the elimination of WiFi etc.

I also base my opinion on the fact that microwave radiation is toxic and a toxin is toxic to EVERYONE.  That all humans have DNA and thus, no human is "immune" or "resistant" to electrosmog's fractal antenna impact

Thus, by the simple fact that microwave radiation is toxic to all life forms, all life forms, including humans, are sensitive to it whether they know it or not.

Because microwave electrosmog is so dense in the USA today, most people are either asymptomatic because they haven't reached their cumulative load tipping point yet or more likely, haven't realized that their nagging little health problem IS electrosmog caused -- in part because his/her doc is clueless about electrosmog signs and symptoms and thus, misdiagnoses their illness as something different.

Also, per the graph below, European government's agree with me that the percentage is far higher and thus, why those respective governments are taking massive efforts to reduce microwave emissions via removal of WiFi, banning certain devices etc. 


Meanwhile here in the USA, microwave smog is increasing full speed ahead -- including city-wide WiFi here in Brevard!

Given Brevard County's recent roll-out of FPL Smart Meters and city-wide WifFi, I am sure our own town's microwave smog graph would look something like this....and thus, explains the accelerated decline in my average patient's age and health.  Not to mention being less responsive to some of the most state-of-the-art tests in my medical tool box.


Even at the 38%+ estimate, however, this still equates to millions of Americans.  And most of these millions have no idea that "electro sensitivity" is the root cause of their symptoms.  Instead, their doctors tell them that their symptoms are simply due to age or some other unknown cause.

Unlike Germany, Russia and several other European countries, the US government completely dismisses EMFs as a cause to pause. 

Others countries, like Austria, have actually developed guidelines to help physicians diagnose EHS.  And Sweden, the first country to go wireless, is now Sweden the first country to declare EHS a true disability and thus, pay to care for these people.  And in Sweden, some are even asking the question:  Will we all eventually get EHS?

Are you one of these electro-sensitives and don't know it? 

If electro-toxicity and/or electro-sensitivity is really this wide-spread, then why aren't more people diagnosed with it?

Answer:  Medical ignorance.

99.9% of doctors wouldn't recognize (better yet diagnose) an electro-sensitive patient if they saw one. 

But let's be clear:  These electro-sensitive people are being diagnosed with diseases.  Their doctors are telling them they are depressed or anxious or inflammed with pain or autistic or hyperactive or stressed or have insomnia or diabetic or hypothyroid or.... Got the picture?  Due to the DNA acting as a Fractal Antenna, the electro-sensitive symptoms are infinite.

Typically, the doctor renames the patient's symptoms in Latin or some other Merck Manual diagnosis rather than the true "root cause" of the patient's problem.

In fact, most electro-sensitive people weren't diagnosed by their doctor---the patient diagnosed themselves via research and trial/error.

The only way to successfully diagnose electro-sensitivity is to:
1. Test (via meter) the environment for electro-toxins.
2.  Remove/block the electro-toxin
3.  Detox the electro-toxin via homeopathic and electro-toxin avoidance in new safe environment
4.  Wait 30 days.

Our patients repeatedly report to us a new level of wellness within 30 days.  And they also tell us how they feel "immediately unwell" when near an electro-toxin.  And "immediately well" when they leave the vicinity of the electro-toxin.  That's what typically separates electro-toxins from typical chemical toxins -- the rapid onset and absence of symptoms with exposure.

In summary, although millions are suffering from electro-sensitivity, most are unaware and/or misdiagnosed because:

1. 99.9% of doctors don't know about electro-sensitivity

2. There is no objective test (ie: blood, saliva, stool, scan etc) for electro-sensitivity

3. The diagnosis occurs only after patient has removed the electro-toxin and reviews their health afterwards and with reintroduction of the electro-toxin.  And why would a patient consider doing this if only .1% of doctors would ask them to do this?  Thus, explaining why most electro-sensitive patients are self-diagnosed.

Most every USA physician is completely clueless to electro-toxin poisoning--and THAT (ie: ignorance) is the real reason so few are correctly diagnosed.

Why are more and more people every year becoming electro-sensitive?

One reason is that we are absorbing microwaves 24/7 and the very recent mega explosion of ambient-levels of microwave radiation via cell towers, cell phones, Smart Meters, cordless phones and WiFi.

Remember, microwave radiation accumulates!  And once we become over-saturated with EMFs, we are more apt to have symptoms from any electro-toxin (ie:  electric, magnetic, RF/microwave, EMI etc). 

Another reason has to do with the a person's toxic metal burden.   It is well documented that microwaves resonate with metals.  Thus, the more metal embedded a person is, such as from mercury via fillings and seafood, the more electro-sensitive the person is.

What are the symptoms of electro-poisoning? 

Because EMFs cause disruption at the DNA level, the symptoms are too varied and numerous to list.  But fatigue, brain fog, cognition, headaches, insomnia, nervousness, immunity issues, heart issues and many neuro issues are the most common symptoms.  Keep in mind the electro-sensitive person may have one, many or none of these symptoms....and manifest it in a completely different way.  Click here for a list of electro-poisoning symptoms.

How is electro-sensitivity happening?

We are all carbon-based electro-antennas.  We are absorbing and retaining electro-toxins, especially microwaves,  24/7.

When will I become electro-sensitive?

That's the right question.  The question is NOT will I be becoming electro-sensitive.  The question is when will I become electro-sensitive.  And that's assuming you aren't electro-sensitive already and don't know it.  

When will you become over-saturated and become an electro-sensitive person who is forced to move and live outside our electrified civilization?  Or you remain within our electrified civilization and live a life full of symptoms and disease?   I dunno.

I only know one thing:  The sooner you make electro-toxin avoidance a priority in your life the later you will become an electro-sensitive person -- because with all things being equal in your case, the only remaining factors are microwave dose intensity and dose duration.

What is the medical test for electro-sensitivity?

There is no test.  The only "test" is the removal of EMFs from your environment for one (1) full month and, during that time, take a radiation homeopathic from us. 

Then, what typically happens, is you will notice that your symptom(s) have resolved...but return upon re-exposure to the electro-toxin.  Or a completely new acute symptom, such as a headache, brain pressure or heart racing, will appear when near a high electro-toxin source such as a cell tower, WiFi etc.

Why, after electro-detox, does someone continue to get electro-symptoms after re-exposure to electro-smog?

Because a toxin is toxic.

And a poison is poisonous. 

And your body is letting you know, via your electro-symptoms, that you are in the near vicinity of an electro-toxin.

More importantly, however, with microwave detox your brain is no longer "entrained" to microwave radiation.

Brain entrainment is a term used by neuro scientists.  Brain entrainment is where your brainwave frequencies are trying to fall into step with a periodic stimulus, such as a 2.5 GHz cell phone (Ie:  2.5 BILLION cycles per second) or a 24/7 microwave emitting WiFi or DECT cordless phone.   The human brain has the tendency to change its dominant EEG frequency towards the frequency of a dominant external stimulus.  This is what the scientists call "Brain Entrainment". 

A brain operates between delta, theta, alpha,beta and gamma waveforms.  See graph.  This means the brain is operating between .5 and 100 cycles per seconds (aka:  Hertz).  The lower the frequency the more calm/mellow the person feels.  The higher the frequency, the more hyper or agitated the person feels.

Now, compare those brain frequencies of .5 to 100 hertz to our typical microwave emissions exposures of 2.4 - 5.8 BILLION hertz (cycles per second).

See the "brain entrainment" problem when you allow yourself to live, work or go to school in an environment where the typical ambient frequency is in the BILLION of cycles per second?

Brain Entrainment is the same as putting a frog in a pot of water and slowly bringing it to a boil.  The frog doesn't jump out.  Instead, it just gets use to the warmer water and stays in the pot.   Just like your EEG is adjusting abnormally upwards into a higher and higher frequency where sleep, cognition, memory, concentration, mood etc become more are more difficult to achieve. 

After microwave detox you have a less entrained brain.  This is good.  This is why you feel better.

But when your brain in less entrained and you get an acute exposure to microwave emissions, that's more like throwing the frog into a pot of boiling water.  Yikes!  Your body gives you the immediate feedback via symptoms when your unentrained brain detects these unnatural, high GHz man-made frequencies.

And then, if you immediately remove yourself from this electro-smog, your symptoms immediately disappear.  Just like the frog that left the boiling pot of water feels better.....altho a bit worn for the experience, but feeling back to normal.

In addition to brain entrainment, remember that your heart also utilizes electro impulses (ie: it's biological pacemaker).  And thus, man-made frequencies can dink with that as well and can explain the heart issues experienced by so many electro-sensitive persons.

But, more importantly, every cell that contains DNA is sensitive to electro-toxins, because the DNA is acting as a fractal antenna.

What should I do now?

Make electro-detox a priority:  Click here.

Because the "electro-sensitive" people are trying to warn us.  Just like in this video below:


And because you don't want your kids to end up living in one of these metal "homes" in the middle of a forest...


Or, have to move to a country that recognizes it as a disability and thus, has set aside land for you to live in...

No, these aren't Taliban women.... 

These are woman crippled by electro-pollution who must wear this metal veil (aka:  Faraday Cage) so that don't have crippling symptoms from microwave antenna emissions.   Like all EHS victims, they were well one day, and electro-sensitive the next day.  No warning.  It just happened when their body had reached its max ability to cope with microwave pollution.

Don't think it could happen to you?

They thought the same thing....

NONE of these victim thought it would happen to them, and it DID.


Because the above is what living as an electrohypersensitive person is like. 

Electrohypersensitivity is real!  And this is the first documentary about it:  Desperately Seeking White Zone.  After 30 months of research and meeting over 60 people suffering from electro-hypersensitivity (EHS), this film is based on personal stories of men, women and children who are currently victims suffering from electro-pollution -- most likely triggered by the explosion of mobile phone technology.  You will see the alarming living conditions caused by electro-pollution as well as the painful and crippling health implications of it.

These folks are the "canary in the coal mine" -- this is our future if we don't protect ourselves and create "white zones" (ie: microwave-free) within our homes, schools and work environments now...

Watch the trailer below and then rent the full movie from us...

Shop EMF Meters

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