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I'll be the first to admit that there are some pretty good electromagnetic (EMF) related websites out there.  And, hopefully, I am one of them...

BUT , I'll also be the first to say that when you look at the product they are promoting on their website, typically, the product doesn't solve the problem at hand and the product makes the person's problem far worse.  Typically, these products are little different than spraying Lysol over tobacco smoke smell.  Yes, Lysol works to remove the smell...but it does nothing to the tobacco toxicity effects. 

I can understand why, for the layperson who knows little to nothing about electromagnetics, it would be very attractive to think that all you have to do is spend $200 for a pendant or a device that puts off "healthy frequencies" and all their problems are solved.


First of all, if the root cause problem is man-made electro-frequenices, why would we start with creating more man-made electro-frequenices?

No, we should start with eliminating and reducing as many man-made electro-toxins as possible.

Just like there is NOT one meter that measures all forms of EMF well, there is NO one product that shields us from all forms of EMF.  Each different type of field -- electric, magnetic, RF/microwave etc - is shielded by a different type of technology.

The EMF product you need depends on YOUR personal situation. 

I decided to create this webpage after one of my currently pregnant mom-to-be patients was reading another website and decide all her EMF problems would be solved for her and her unborn child if she simply spent $200 on some device she would put on her counter-top and on her cell phone and even on her laptop.  She thought she was so safe that now she would consider putting the laptop on her pregnant belly!

When I got this email from her I was deeply frightened.  Here she lived in a meter-maxing, microwave filled home whereby emissions were coming from her WiFi, cell phone, Smart Meter, cordless phones, miscellaneous wireless devices and a laptop sitting atop her baby's head and she was going to solve all that with this one pulsating device?  NOT A CHANCE!

In fact, by her thinking "I'm protected" she was using her cell phone/laptop etc without the precautions everyone should take -- and especially pregnant women -- and put her baby at even more risk than before she bought the device.

That's why the ONLY products you'll see me recommend are those that work -- and this fact can be proven via meter.

There are literally hundreds of bonafide EMF safety products.  Are you going to buy hundreds of products?  Of course not!  The EMF safety products you need to purchase depends on your own particular unique lifestyle situation.

And how do you determine your own unique particular situation? 

There's only one way:  Measuring with the right meter.

And your do this by either buying the right meter OR renting the right meter.

Only once you have measured with a meter can you take action -- and your first step is always to begin with shutting off all toxic microwave emitting devices that you have control over!  Thus, if you have to purchase anything at this point, it is buying replacements such as corded phones, corded internet etc to get you out of your "wireless dependency" state.

As one patient told me after borrowing our RF/Microwave and Magnetic meter, "I'm healthier living outside than inside my own home!".  And my response to her was "Great!  You are one of the lucky ones!  Because that means you have control over everything that is making your home electro-toxic!" 

Some people, such as myself, have electro-toxic homes because the source is coming from something we have no control over -- like getting rid of cell towers and buildings loaded with antennas atop their roof.  In this case, since we can't turn off the antennas, then we need to block the microwaves.

Your second step is to block/shield all devices that you don't have control over -- such as a cell phone you just can't do without or the Smart Meter bolted to the side of your house.  If your microwave electro-toxin is coming from an "outside, beyond your control" source, then you will need special window films and paint to shield these.  OR, if your home is currently under construction, you can build shielding materials into your home.

Unfortunately, unlike microwaves that are easily blocked with the right shielding material, magnetic fields are NOT easily blocked---it even goes right through lead!    Pretty much the only thing you can do with magnetic fields is to move yourself as far away from them as possible because the magnetic field dissipates very quickly.  For example, move the alarm clock, cell phone, wall warts etc  8' from your bed.   But you only know if you are living in a magnetic safe zone via the use of a magnetic meter.

But what if these unstoppable magnetic fields are coming from a nearby transformer or high tension powerlines or an electrical substation down the street?  Answer:  Your only solutions are:

1.  Pay the electric company to move the transformer, powerlines or substation.

2.  Entomb your home in the right material that would block the magnetic field -- something like Mu-Metal -- which costs about $250 per square foot of wall and ceiling space.

3.  Don't use any of the rooms that have high magnetic field readings.

4.  Pack up and move.

Your third step is to ground yourself as often as possible, preferably with an (dirty electricity) EMI filter.  Guaranteed, via grounding your body voltage will normalize to the "zero/near zero" it was designed to live at!

Your fourth step is to clean up the dirty electricity in your home.


What do I do? 

I practice what I am preaching above (and more).  That is how concerned I am about cumulative microwave radiation within my body---especially given that I unknowingly slept in a >95,000 microwatt/cm2 bedroom for six years!!!

Here's what I have personally done to reduce my microwave absorption by at least 90%...

I don't put myself in microwave harms way

Given that I know the microwave emission levels of my 'turf' pretty well, I minimize my time in such unsafe places.  For example, I've changed the gas station I typically use.  My old gas station has extremely high microwave emissions coming from atop a condo building.

I also share my meter readings with other "health stores".  I show them that their business' microwaves are higher INSIDE their store than outside.  That tends to get their attention, cause them to take de-microwaving action, and provide me a safer place to shop!

Of course, all microwave ovens leak. I haven't used one since 1992.

I own the right microwave (and magnetic) meter(s) -- or you can rent

I couldn't be living the low magnetic and microwave lifestyle that I know I am living in without a meter.  Personally, in this day and age, I believe everyone needs our "meter kit" which contains two meters (microwave and magnetic) in a beautiful case to keep them both safe.

Make sure that any RF/microwave meter you rent/purchase is sensitive enough to detect a broadband of frequencies--up to 8 GHz.    For this reason alone, there are only a couple meters (out of dozens) that I can recommend for personal use.

I can't tell you how many times these meters have saved me.  H
ow in the world would I have known that the 2nd floor of my home was in the cross-hairs of a cell tower 1.4 miles away without testing?  Or that my wireless router was NOT turned off when I had been told for six years it was turned off?  Or that my car was blasting me with microwave pulsations even though I never used BlueTooth?

And when it comes to magnetic fields, one time almost ten years ago the magnetic meter saved my house from burning down!  Upon routine testing I had found a huge magnetic field that wasn't there in the past.   The power company couldn't get here fast enough when I told them what I had found.  The neutral to the whole house had fallen off! Yikes! 

Cell Phone

Yes, I own a cell phone but it is typically in "airplane mode" so I can access my directory.    I rarely use it anymore.  I have all my calls forwarded to home or work--and I do this via internet so I don't have to turn on my cell phone to do it! 

When it is not in airplane mode, I keep my cell phone in a Faraday-type Cell-Shield that blocks 99% of microwave emissions.  When I use my cell phone, I either use it via the speaker inside a BlocSock OR I keep it inside the Cell-Shield case with an ear bud wire upon which I've placed two ferrite beads to minimize the microwaves traveling on the wire (the wire acts like an antenna).  One ferrite bead is near the cell phone and the other closer to my ear.  Or I use an air tube ear bud.  But the truth is even though the air tube does block the microwave radiation, it doesn't block the information carrying wave (ICW).  Thus, if you had to use an ear bud, the best would be the air tube with two ferrite beads as well.

My cell phone carrier is Verizon because they use CDMA technology rather than GSM technology.  CMDA technology uses a wide variety of microwave frequencies all at once to achieve their "Can you hear me?" perfection. Although CDMA uses a wide variety of frequencies, the power pushing behind each frequency is much less.

GSM technology, on the other hand, uses only a few frequency bands and thus, must use higher power to get their job done.   This is why even the same SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) phone will have lower microwave emissions from Verizon. 

While the SAR of a phone has some merit, the CDMA vs GSM status of the phone is far more important.  There has got to be some reason why every time you sign a new cell phone contract you are agreeing to not suing the carrier should you get cancer!

Verizon and Sprint use CDMA technlogy.  ATT and TMobile use GSM technology.   But check with your carrier to be sure.  I have even read cell tower studies where it appears the GSM towers have more health risk than CDMA cell towers.  Makes sense.  More power = more health risks.


Yes, I own a laptop.  I NEVER put a laptop on my lap.  I've measured the magnetic fields coming off my lap top, right through my desk, and it is frightening.  I have placed a special pad (The HARApad Elite) under my laptop to mitigate some of these fields but I keep as far away from the laptop as possible via the use of a separate, wired (not wireless) keyboard.  But even with this laptop pad I would never place it on my lap -- the fields are simply still too high.  I'm just not willing to pay $500 for a slice of pure Mu-Metal to put under my laptop.  Where I sit has a very low magnetic field and that's good enough for me.

Smart Meter

Luckily, I don't have a Smart Meter at home or work.    But if I did, I would without doubt place the Smart Meter Blocker on it.

No Cell Phone Signs

Because I can't see, hear or smell when "walking cell phone towers" (ie:  people with cell phones in their pocket) approach me, I have placed these signs up at home and work and strictly enforce our "no cell phone policy".

Microwave Sniffer

Because I have learned that people don't read these signs and/or don't care about cumulative microwave emissions,  I've installed an inexpensive microwave sniffer at my home and work.  This cute little booger, not bigger than a matchbook, goes crazy beeping if anyone gets within 20' of it with a cell phone or other microwave emitting device.  In fact, the other day it caught someone carrying one of these new fangled wireless keys -- via wireless technology, just having the keys in your pocket and it will unlock your car door!  Imagine all that 24/7 wireless key radiation...just so your door unlocks as you approach the car?  Have we gotten that lazy?

Shielding Clothing

If I know I am going to be microwave harms way, such as visiting a certain neighborhood, I will put on a couple pieces of shielded clothing.  Typically, I use a shielded tank top, apron and hat. 

Window Films

I have installed a special window film that blocks RF/Microwave emissions from coming in through the windows.  There are many varieties out there -- each with different performance ratings at various microwave wavelengths. 

Shielding Paint

Thanks to the cell tower 1.4 miles down the road, I used a special paint that blocks/absorbs RF/Microwave emissions from coming in my 2nd floor home office.

Grounding Kit and Grounding Mat

Of course, I would never be without grounding.  It immediately reduces my body voltage to zero (or darn close to it).  I use the band on my foot when I sleep, reading or watching TV.  And I use the grounding mat whenever I'm at my computer.  Why?  Because I want to maintain my body voltage at as close to zero as possible...

Click here for Linnette's EMF Safety Recommendations

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