DNA is a Fractal Antenna

As technical as this page may be, this page is the single most important webpage on my entire website!


Because this webpage explains how non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation (EMR) results in a long list of published scientific bioeffects AND a seemingly endless list of symptoms and diseases in people.

Answer:  Because EMR is messing with plant and animal lifeforms at their most basic DNA level!

I apologize in advance to the engineers that might be bored at the beginning.  But I have to make this concept understandable to all readers.

Please hang in there and read this entire webpage! Because you must understand the basics in order to understand how EMR impacts DNA -- and thus, begins an avalanche of negative health effects.

Let's start with the concept of "antenna". 

There are two types of antennas

1.  Transmitting antennas


2.  Receiving antennas

An antenna can be either of these--transmitting or receiving.  OR it can do both--a transmitting and receiving antenna.

For example, the radio in your car has a "receiving antenna" only. 

But the BlueTooth in your car has a receiving AND transmitting antenna because you use it to not only hear but to talk to others.

Cell towers, cell phones, WiFi, Smart Meters, baby monitors, DECT phones all have BOTH receiving and transmitting antennas.  The transmitting antenna is why these items "red zone" our microwave meter.  The receiving antenna is NOT what is spiking the microwave meter.

Either antenna, a transmitting or receiving, must be "cut" or "designed" to emit or pick up a particular frequency.  An antenna that is designed to transmit or receive one band of frequency can't automatically transmit or receive other frequencies.   Like I said, the antenna has to be "cut" right to do it's job. That's why, when I was a kid, I would bend/twist the TV's antenna's ears to get better reception--by bending the ears I was "cutting" the antenna so I'd get reception and hence, a better picture on the TV.TV with bunny ears

A radio, however, can pick up many different channels.  And each channel is picking up a different EMR frequency.  How does the radio do this?

The radio is able to pick up different frequencies because it has a "tuner" inside of it.  A radio tuner is what "adjusts" the receiving antenna so it can pick up different frequency signals.  So, think of the tuner as the "antenna tweeker" because via turning the radio's knob you can 'tweek' the antenna's "cut" or "design" so that it can pick up different frequencies.  The radio tuner is doing the same job as me above twisting and bending the TV antenna's ears.

OR, think of the radio tuner like how you tighten/loosen the strings on a guitar or piano.  By the tighten/loosen of those strings they "transmit" a different frequency of sound.  The radio tuner is doing the same thing except each turn of the radio knob changes the antenna's ability to "receive" a different signal frequency.

Now that you understand antenna basics, what does this have to do with DNA, EMR, health and most importantly, future generations?

As for our DNA:  The research is clear with no "ands", "ifs" or buts":    DNA is a fractal antenna.

What is a fractal antenna?

A fractal antenna is an antenna that, due to its special "self-similarity" design, it picks up EVERY frequency signal---all of them...all at once.  No tuner needed.  No adjustment or tuning needed. 

A fractal antenna is a "universal" antenna.

Here's a picture of a fractal antenna (with self-similarity) in nature.  See how each twig on the fern is just a mini fern?  And so on....

And how this is just the same thing over and over again...

Both of these are examples of "fractal" design.

Our DNA is six feet long.  Yep, no typo. Six feet long.  Our 6-foot long DNA is crammed inside each cell's nucleus.  And it is able to be crammed in that tiny space because our DNA is, like the fern above, a "coil of coils" called a "DNA Supercoil". 

Because our DNA is both fractal AND conductive, that IS the definition of a fractal antenna! 

And thus, by fractal antenna definition, our DNA is highly sensitive to EMR -- including electric, magnetic, RF, microwave etc fields.

The result of our DNA being a fractal antenna is this:  Exposing our DNA to chronic electrosmog impacts the DNA's performance ability.  And degradation of DNA performance results in grave consequences for us and future generations.

Because even if you were lucky enough to get totally perfect genes from your parents -- without one deterministic or epigenetic defect -- when you are submerged in EMR (ie: electrosmog) all your DNA is malfunctioning and "behaving badly".   

The purpose of DNA is not to just make babies.  If you are past reproductive age, that's the least of it's functions!  Proper functioning DNA is needed for everything your body does 24/7.  Everything!  Your DNA encodes an endless list of "synthesis" -- such as tissue, protein, hormone, neurotransmitter, immune and communication synthesis.

So, if EMR causes the DNA to malfunction and behave defectively, then the organism will fail at the most foundational level possible.

It is like owning the most perfect house built on a foundation of quicksand.  I don't care how perfectly built that house is.  With a defective foundation, that house is a goner.

At this point, many science benders say there is nothing wrong with "misbehaving DNA"---because we only have to worry if the DNA shatters.   And non-ionizing radiation, like microwave, doesn't steal electrons and thus, does NOT shatter the DNA and thus, nothing to worry about.

(Sigh.  If only life were that easy....)

But is this true?  Is the raping of electrons off the DNA the only way to shatter DNA?

Since our DNA is a "universal antenna" -- picking up or "resonating" with all different frequencies all at once -- what happens if one of those low wattage microwave frequencies "perfectly resonates" with our DNA?

Question:  Can a mere 40 mph wind take down a huge bridge?

Answer: YES!  And it happened in 1940 at the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.   Since the wind was so weak, it did NOT directly destroy the bridge (like how ionizing radiation tears electrons off the DNA). 

Instead, the wind happened to be the "perfect frequency" and the bridge the "perfect antenna".

Within 4 months of this bridge's completion, a mere 40 mph wind collapsed it!   No via the sheer force of the wind, but via the bridge's "antenna resonance" to the "wind's frequency".

When I watch this video my heart sinks because I don't see a bridge shaking -- I visualize the tracks of my DNA and my cellular membranes shaking under the stress of electrosmog "wind".....

While we are on the discussion of DNA, misbehaving DNA and DNA collapse, there is one more concept that needs to be remembered.  That is the concept of Van der Waal Forces.

Simply put, Van der Waal Forces (VWF) are "attractive forces" that hold molecules together--ie: negative charges are attracted to positive charges and visa versa.

VWF's are NOT bonds.  They are weak, yet very important magnetic forces that hold molecules in their preferred physical shape.

EMR breaks VWFs within DNA.  Therefore, the DNA no longer has its preferred physical 'shape'.   Result:  More DNA misbehaving...

It is the rare medical professional that understands the role physics plays in human health.

Now do you understand why those of us that grasp the "DNA as fractal antenna" concept are totally freaking over this country's electrosmog crisis?

For more insight into this critical EMR/DNA intersection concept, please watch this video.

Still not convinced?  Then click here.


If the above isn't enough bad news about our DNA losing the war against EMR insults, the Flex Report, prepared by 12 scientific institutions in 7 countries, confirmed long-term genetic damage in the blood and brains of cellphone users.  The images below are from that report and show the DNA breaks from ionizing and non-ionizing EMR. 

Basically, 24 hour exposure to non-ionizing microwave radiation from a cell phone breaks DNA similar to 1600 ionizing chest x-rays.

Not using your cell phone 24 hours?  That's ok.  The cell tower and the WiFi in your home is doing it to you 24/7.  No difference.

Or perhaps this 1500 page document by 29 experts

(of which 21 have PhD and 10 have MD degrees) would interest you?


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