Linnette M. Beck AP, DOM, Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)

  • University of Illinois - B.S. Business Administration (1984)
  • Florida Institute of Technology - M.B.A. (1986)
  • Florida Institute of Technology - M.S. Management (1989)
  • Shanghai Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture Physician Diploma (1995)
  • British Institute of Homeopathy - Diploma of the Institute of Homeopathy (1996)
  • Acupuncture - Acupressure Institute - The Open International University for Complementary Medicine - Oriental Medical Doctorate (1997)
  • Saint Martin's College and American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders - Certified Addiction Professional (1997)
Professional Experience:

              Harris Corporation (1984-1992) - Manager - Compensation
              Florida Institute of Technology (1987 - 1992) Adjunct Professor for undergrad courses in marketing, statistics and labor law
              Founder and President:   Beck Natural Medicine (1995)

Lecture Experience:
              National Lecture tour (2004-2006)
                      The "Fatrix":   An Alternative Lipid Universe
                      The Good, the Bad and the Ugly:   The Role of Halogens in Health and Disease
                      Detox Double Feature:  Fatrix and GBU
                      Detoxification: Taking it to the Next Level
               Zyto 2008 Annual Conference (April 24-26, 2008):  Conference Speaker
                       Gut health: IBS, colitis, leaking gut and more
                       Diabetes and Syndrome X
                2007/2008 Melbourne Community Health Lecture Series - Held every Tuesday evening 10/27/07 to present
                Toxin Overload in the Body published in National Health Review April/May 2008 (page 32)
                "The Owner's Manual You Never Got"; Lunch and Learn educational series held at Melbourne Grumman facility every other Tuesday (Feb 2009 - July 2009)
                 "Energy in Short Supply?  What is the Solution?"; Business/Professional Woman Grp,   5/19/2009
                 "Fatrix Revisited: Webinar for docs only;  July 14, 2009, highlighting paradigm shifting info on fatty acid metabolism
                  "Youthification:  What's Age Got to Do With It?; Webinar for docs only, August 11, 2009, highlighting non-hormone strategies to restore youth.
                   "Youthification:  Mind Over VATter and Why SCATter Matters"; Webinar for docs only, February 17, 2010, highlighting non-hormone strategies to restore youth.

Professional Qualifications:

Florida licensed Acupuncture Physician - (1995 - present)

            Nationally Board Certified in Acupuncture
                        The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) - (1995- present)

            Certified in Functional Medicine            
                        The Institute for Functional Medicine
                        Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (2002)

            Certified Therapeutic Lifestyle Clinician (TLC) (2008)

            Leader in Innovative Medicine by Conscious Living Partnership (2008)
            Adjunct faculty professor of the year (Florida Institute of Technology - 1989)
            Outstanding Young Women of American (1986, 1987)
            Adjunct faculty professor on the year (Florida Institute of Technology- 1991)
Post-Graduate Certificates:
          June 2014                     Medical Errors
                                                 Medical Imaging
                                                 Thyroid:  How it Works
                                                 Lab Tests to Prevent Breast Cancer and Fibrocystic Disease
                                                 Functions of the Liver
                                                 Homeopathy for Dental Treatment
                                                 CPR Certification
                                                 Medical Ethics
                                                 Florida Laws and Rules
           March 5, 2012             Nutrition in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

           March 4, 2012             Sleep Apnea and Chinese Medicine

           March 3, 2012             Understanding Endocrine Testing

           March 3, 2012             Treating Insomnia with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

           March 2, 2012             Understanding Lab Tests
           March 1, 2012             Medical Errors

           March 1, 2012             First Aid Homeopathy

           March 1, 2012             Florida Laws Review Course

          July 23, 2011                Mitochondria and Oxidative Stress:  A Paradigm for Patient Care

          June 24-26, 2011         Xymogen Xperience:  Advances in Neurology

          October 30, 2010         Vanguard Neurology

          August 27 - 29, 2010    FSOMA General Session
                                                  Diet Therapy:  Healing Foods and the Five Elements
                                                  Extraordinary Chinese medicine:  medicine for Extraordinary Times
                                                  Successful Protocols for Integrating Body and Ear Acupuncture for Pain Relief
                                                  Diagnosing and Treating Root Cause:  Five element Acupuncture for TCM
                                                  TCM Treatments for Digestive and GI Disorders

          July 21, 2010                 First Aid Homeopathy

         July 20, 2010                 Florida Laws and Rules
                                                 Medical Errors
                                                 Understanding Lab Tests

         March 13, 2010             BioTransformation 2010: Anti-Aging and Wellness Solutions

         October 30, 2009          Listening to the Body:
                                                  Understanding the Language of Stress-Related Symptoms

         October 3 -4, 2009        Integrative Partnership Conference

         August 28 - 30, 2009    FSOMA General Session
                                                 GI Images for Clinical Decision Making
                                                 Western Physical Exam Skills for Asian Medicine Practitioners Part I
                                                 Western Physical Exam Skills for Asian Medicine Practitioners Part II
                                                 Lab Tests in Chronic Liver Disease and Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine
                                                 The Fine Detail of Laboratory Findings to Hone in on Anemia

         March 21, 2009            Cracking the Metabolomic Code:  Using Master Switches for Cellular

         September 5-7, 2008   FSOMA General Session
                                                Medical QiGong: Treating Emotional Root Cause of Disease
                                                How to Predict Herb-Drug Interactions
                                                Ten Drugs to Worry about with combined with Oriental Medicine
                                                Red Flags:  Danger signs Often Seen in Oriental Medicine Clinic (Part I and II)

        August 16-17, 2008         Neurotransmitters and the Brain

         March 29, 2008               The Emerging Therapeutic Target: Improving Therapeutic Outcomes by
                                                    Treating the Intersection of Osteoporosis, Cardiovascular Disease, Type 2
                                                    Diabetes and Arthritis

        March 9, 2008                  Immuno-Metabolic Disorders

         January 26, 2008             The Depression Pandemic:  Bridging the Mind-Body Gap by Balancing the
                                                    Stress Response

         November 10, 2007          Functional Integrative Medicine 21st Century Primary Practice  

         November 8, 2007            Fibromyalgia:  An Evidence-Based Approach

         October 13, 2007              Treating Anxiety and Stress with Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
                                                      Treating Depression with Chinese Medicine
                                                      Treatments for Hypertension with Chinese Medicine

          October 6-7, 2007            How to Quickly and Accurately Make a Chinese Medical Diagnosis

          September 7-9, 2007      FSOMA General Session
                                                      Intracellular Nutritional Analysis
                                                      Integrity in the Healing Relationship
                                                      Functional Medicine:   Adrenals, Thyroid, Estrogen
                                                      Uses of Clinical Thermography
                                                      Preventing Medical Errors:   Safety in OM Herbs
                                                      Florida Laws and Rules (2007)
                                                      Acupoint Injection Therapy

          May 18-19, 2007               Neurotransmitter Connection in Clinical Practice

          March 25, 2007                 The Top 20 Nutritional Strategies Every Health Provider Needs to Know

          March 24, 2007                 Beyond Metabolic Syndrome-Breakthrough Management of
                                                       Disorders of Insulin Associated with Age-Related Disease

          November 18, 2006         Restoring Patient Health Through Functional Endocrinology

          April 19-22, 2006             Managing Biotransformation:   The Metabolic, Genomic and Detoxification
                                                     Balance Points

          March 25, 2006                 Understanding the Origins and Applying Advanced Nutritional     
                                                       Strategies for Autoimmune Diseases       

          February 4-5, 2006           Detoxification:   The Forensic Approach

          January 27-29, 2006         Evaluating and Balancing Blood Chemistry

          January 21-22, 2006         Functional Endocrinology

          January 7, 2006                 Men's and Women's Health:   Nutritional Strategies for Managing Common
                                                       Challenges in Ages 25-50

          December 3-4, 2005         Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

          November 4-5, 2005         BodyBio Detoxx System

          August 19, 2005                HIV/AIDs Review Course

          April 23-24, 2005             Reams Biological Ionization Seminar (Level II)

          April 10, 2005                   Managing the Complex Patient:   Science Based Natural Therapies for the
                                                     Most Challenging Cases

          April 2-3, 2005                 Xyomgen Xperience IV (Functional Medicine)

          February 26-27. 2005       Reams Biological Ionization Seminar (Level I)

          February 19, 2005             Applying Nutrigenomics in Clinical Practice to Reshape your Patients'

          November 19-21, 2004     Biological Terrain Testing:   Concepts and Methodologies for Research

          November 13-14, 2004     Sanum Therapy:   Concepts and Applications Workshop

          November 5-7, 2004         Clinical Microscopy and Blood Cell Analysis in Biological Medicine

          June 5-6, 2004                  Xymogen Xtravaganza (Functional Medicine)

          March 6-7, 2004               Functional Endocrinology for Acupuncture Physicians

          February 22, 2004             Mastering the 8 Core Factors of Optimal Wellness and Health Restoration

          February 21, 2004             Nutrigenomic Modulation of Inflammatory Disorders:   Arthralgias, Coronary
                                                       Heart Disease, PMS, Menopause-Associated Inflammation

          February 15, 2004             Functional Medicine Forum

          December 6-7, 2003         A Forensic Approach to Blood Chemistry (Part 2)
          August 23-24, 2003       Laboratory Diagnosis
                                                   Medical Imaging
                                                   Laws and Rules
                                                   Medical Errors
                                                   Ba Gua FA

          August 9, 2003                 Homotoxicology in the Treatment of Spinal and Musculoskeletal Disorders

          July 17, 2003                   Advanced Treatment of Immunological Deficiences with Homotoxicology

          May 19, 2003                 Irritable Bowel Syndrome:   Clinically Proven Ways to Manage a Growing
                                                  Health Problem

          March 2, 2003                 Improving Health Outcomes Through Nutritional Support for Metabolic

          February 21-23, 2003     Using Metabolic Testing to Achieve Clinical Breakthroughs

          February 1, 2003             Essential Healing Protocols

          January 26, 2002             New Approaches to Anti-Aging:   Nutritional Neuroendocrinology

          November 11, 2001          Achieving Clinical Excellence - Clinical Intensive Understanding Fatigue: 
                                                      Addressing the Molecular Basis of Chronic Metabolic Disorders   

          September 28, 2001        Medical Imaging and Laboratory Diagnosis

          May 25-27, 2001              Fifth Annual International Congress of Bioenergetic Medicine

          February 25-27, 2000       Fourth Annual International Congress of Bioenergetic Medicine

          February 5-7, 1999           Third Annual International Congress of Bioenergetic Medicine
          July 6-7, 1996                   EDS and Biological Medicine (Level II of II)

          March 30-31, 1996           EDS and Biological Medicine (Level I of II)

          March 17, 1996                Level I Certificate:   Electro-Dermal Screening and Measurement
                                                   Level II Certificate:   Electro-Dermal Screening and Measurement

          March 10, 1996                 New Perspectives in Nutritional Therapies

          December 9, 1995           Advanced CEDS-EAV Training

          November 5-18, 1995     CEDS/EDS Level 2 Certification

          November 4, 1995           Nutrition and Tissue Mineral Analysis    

          June 21, 1995                   HIV/AIDS Education

          June 3, 1995                     Clean Needle Technique Course

          March 26, 1995                CEDS/EDS Level 1 Training


Hippocrates 3 week program (Palm Beach, FL)

"Dark and difficult times lie ahead. 
Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy."
-Professor Dumbledore speaking to Harry Potter

"There are two types of pain you will go through in life,
the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.
Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."
-Jim Rohn

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