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Many assume that since they have a bowel movement once a day they are not constipated.  This is NOT true because the daily bowel movement could have been from three days prior!

Proper transit time is imperative because anything that sits in the GI is subject to putrification and re-absorption into the liver---thus causing increased liver, toxic and detoxification stress.

The purpose of the "Corn Test" is to determine your gastrointestinal (GI) transit time.  Optimally, it should take 24 hours for food to pass from your lips to your anus.  Transit time faster or slower than 24 hours indicates a GI transit time disorder of some type.

Purchase some fresh or frozen corn (not canned).  Do not consumed any corn for a minimum of 1 week prior to this test.  Also, you should not be taking any laxatives, enemas or colonics for a minimum of 72 hours prior to the corn test.

Swallow approximately 1/4 cup of uncooked (or undercooked) corn at breakfast.  Do NOT chew the corn.  Swallow the corn kernels like pills.  Do NOT take any enzymes with this meal or any meal during this day.   On a piece of paper, write down the day and time you swallowed the corn.  Do NOT consume any more corn until this test is complete.

Watch your bowel movement feces for undigested corn to appear.  When it appears, write down the day and time on your piece of paper.  Continue to watch your bowel movements for a few more days to see if any more corn appears on the following days.

Optimally, the Chi (Qi) of the intestine is at its highest in the morning and this is why healthy GI systems have their major bowel movement at approximately 5 - 7 am each morning.  Since you swallowed the corn in the morning for breakfast, it should appear the next morning in the feces.

Did the corn come out in 24 hours?  If yes, great!  While this does not mean your GI is in perfect health, it does mean that your transit time is working on schedule. 

Did your come come out in greater than 24 hours and/or over the course of several days?  Then we have some work to do to repair your transit time.  And then, you will re-run this "corn test" on yourself monthly until your transit time is an optimal 24 hours.

The "corn test" is a simple but powerful and important test!  Never take for granted your GI transit time.

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