If you are a BrightHouse customer you MUST read this entire page!

Background:  To begin, it is important that you know you signed the following buried within your BrightHouse internet contract.

"Bright House expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability for your use of WiFi...Bright House may for any reason, and without notice to you, modify or terminate WiFi Service and these Terms of Use without liability to you, any user or any third party."

Note:  Patients are calling me and asking "What about ATT internet?"  My answer:  "I dunno".  So far all of my microwave meter toting, complaining patients have been BrightHouse customers.  If you have problems with getting a meter-proved zero microwaved home from ATT or some other internet provider, please let me know. I want to hear your story.

As I stated in my article "Are you Zapped?  I was!" article, I was unknowingly, for years, being 24/7 drenched with extremely high levels of microwave emissions -- and the source was my BrightHouse internet modem/service.

Many people may be aok with a 24/7 invisible and silent rat-tat-tat machine gun firing of pulsed microwave emissions (which can only be made visible and audible via the right RF/Microwave meter.) to themselves, their children, their unborn and their pets. 

I, however, am NOT ok with it!   And that is why when I set up my BrightHouse internet years ago that I told the technician(s) repeatedly that I wanted my computer hard-wired to my BrightHouse modem...that I wanted no WiFi...and I wanted no microwave emissions in my home. 

Is this what the BrightHouse technician did for me? 

NO!  This is what the visiting BrightHouse technician said he did for me. 

But the "proof is in the meter" -- and the BrightHouse technicians who visited my home, for whatever reason, were 100% wrong!  The microwave emissions entering my home were 100% the same as if I was using WiFi (which I never did) even though my computer was hard-wired!

Once I realized, via meter testing, that the technicians had NOT done their job as they had repeatedly promised me, I called BrightHouse and gave them a piece of my mind.  After several "forwardings" of my "angry as heck" phone call, I was finally put in touch with someone who literally, within minutes, pushed a few buttons at the BrightHouse mothership and immediately, my RF/Microwave meter went dark.  FINALLY, the microwave output had stopped!

Fast forward to today. 

My patients have now reviewed the WiFi/Microwave studies and Microwave Poisoning Symptoms and they too want their 24/7 microwave zapping to stop!  And so, they are now calling BrightHouse and asking for a technician to come out and de-WiFi them.  To make their internet hardwired.  And to turn off all wireless capabilities.

And guess what is happening to my patients?  THE EXACT SAME THING THAT HAPPENED TO ME -- REPEATEDLY!  Patient after patient.  Repeatedly!

My patients, too, are being assured by the visiting BrightHouse technician that the wireless capability is turned off. 

They too are being told by the BrightHouse technicians that any microwave readings found on the RF/microwave meter are due to many other things, but NOT the BrightHouse service/product.  One BrightHouse technician even told a patient that perhaps the meter was reading the refrigerator!!! 

These various BrightHouse statements (and more) prove the complete lack of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) competence on part of the BrightHouse technicians.  First of all, the refrigerator doesn't put off microwave emissions (at least if it is an older frig that doesn't have a Smart chip yet).  And secondly, the meter my patients are using doesn't measure magnetic fields (which is what a refrigerator does emit).

If the BrightHouse technician is indeed right and the meter's microwave readings are due to something else within in your home (ie: it is YOUR fault, not BrightHouse!), then how does the BrightHouse technician explain the fact that the ONLY thing that stops the microwave emissions via meter-testing is to UNPLUG THE POWER AND REMOVE THE BATTERY on the BrightHouse equipment?  And the fact that the microwave radiation is only inside your "Bright Home" and NOT outside?

Answer:  The technician can't explain that fact.  He just assures the customer it has nothing to do with BrightHouse.  He is 100% wrong.  Or neurologically confused and battered.

The result is that I now have many patients that are screaming upset! 

They have read the microwave studies.  Via our RF/Microwave meter these patients have now seen and heard what BrightHouse's "service" provides them:  A screaming, 24/7 machine gun firing of rat-tat-tat microwave radiation.

And these patients, like me, are livid that the microwave emissions DID NOT STOP even after the BrightHouse technician assured them that the microwave emissions were turned off, pat them on the back, collected their "I'm satisfied" signature and left their home. 

And, oh, btw, another BrightHouse technician comment told to one of my patients: "Don't worry, it isn't is RF".   That's science bending and here's the proof.

These BrightHouse employees, like employees of the pesticide and dental (mercury) industry, are SCIENCE BENDERS to get their customer to "stop worrying" and most importantly "stop asking questions".    BrightHouse emissions ARE microwaves.  And any technician who tells you otherwise is ignorant, a liar, a brainwashed victim, neurologically damaged or a science bender.  Your choice as to which.

But rest assured, if you have WiFi, you ARE being microwaved 24/7

Yep, the same microwaves as what are in your microwave oven...maybe worse because many WiFi's these days operate at 2.5 or 5.8 GHz which is an even higher frequency than the microwave oven at 2.5 GHz.

The ONLY difference between BrightHouse microwaves and your microwave oven's microwaves is the watts.  Watts are the "push" behind the microwave.  You are being hit with the exact same hammer.  It is the "push" behind the hammer that is different.

The science benders say low watts are safe because you don't get physically "heated" from using their products/services.  But the science says that low watts are anything but safe.  Low watts, such as what is used in WiFi, is dangerous.

Like one of my patients said to me comparing a high wattage microwave oven to low microwave wattage emitters like WiFi, cell phones, cell towers, DECT cordless phones, baby monitors, Smart Meters etc: 

"What's the difference between being killed by a shark or 10 piranhas?  There's no difference other than less pain and suffering via the shark. Fast death or slower death?  Fast cooking or slower cooking?  Fastest aging or faster aging?  Either way, you are still a goner via microwaves no matter what the wattage."

I couldn't have said it better myself...and the science agrees with her that low wattage microwaves have negative health effects.  And keep in mind that low wattage microwaves are 24/7 non-stop.  Microwave oven exposure is only for minutes a day (Note:  I do NOT recommend microwave oven use either).  So, looking at it from a cumulative daily dose perspective, low wattage 24/7 microwave emitters, such as your WiFi, Smart Meter, DECT cordless phone etc, are simply not a good idea and may cause greater negative heath effects than your rarely used microwave oven.  Like tobacco, are you going to listen to the science benders and wait 50 years for the jury to come back on the wattage debate?

As for the BrightHouse technician that comes to your home, my opinion is that they are ignorant and purposely "kept in the dark" ....just like the dentists who, for decades, the ADA kept in the dark about the toxic mercury in the fillings.  And, like the dentists with mercury overload, I wouldn't be surprised that WiFi technicians are neurologically damaged as well.

Pesticide applicators were also kept in the dark about their job's toxic exposures.  

Dental employees.  Pesticide employees.  And now microwave employees. Same story.  Different toxin.

So, don't beat up the BrightHouse technician too bad.  Just like you, he's being kept in the dark about his daily exposure to microwave emissions.  Poor guy... Gotta wonder if he has any of the symptoms of microwave poisoning, eh?

In summary, what happened to me was not a fluke.  It is standard BrightHouse practice.  BrightHouse technicians tell the customer the microwave radiation is turned off, yet it keeps spewing forth 24/7 microwave radiation into your home.

After hearing continued frustration from my patients, I decided I would have to take this matter into my own hands and on behalf of my complaining patients, call BrightHouse myself.

Yesterday I called BrightHouse four times.  And each time my phone call was forwarded to a very nice BrightHouse service rep in Mexico...or Philippines..or some other country.  I, too, was getting the run around.  I left work yesterday in a very foul mood.  My patients were screaming upset with me because they were screaming upset with BrightHouse.  

Today, with more open time on my schedule, I called BrightHouse again.  And again, got someone in a foreign country.  Except this time I made it clear that I was a physician and I was calling on behalf of dozens of disgruntled BrightHouse customers that also happened to be my patients.  I really hated to push my weight around this way.  But I had to.  Nothing else was working for my patients.

Eventually, I got through to someone that "spoke my language".  Finally, a competent person that wouldn't tell me that our microwave meter "must be mistaken". He wouldn't tell me that the microwave emissions were coming from something other than BrightHouse.  He wouldn't try to tell me that the meter detected electro-magnetic emissions weren't microwave but were RF or electric or magnetic fields instead.  He wouldn't bend the science with me...and that alone was refreshing and I was very grateful.

He simply listened, didn't argue and had silent agreement with everything I said was happening within my patient's microwave zapped homes.   He did not attempt to "science bend" with me, including the fact that people can have health problems/symptoms, such as insomnia, from microwave emissions.   I was thankful for that.  What I don't know was he being this way because he knew I was a physician and he couldn't "science bend" with me?  Or was he being this way because that is the type of honest, non-science bending person kind of guy?  I dunno.

And here is what I learned from him.  And this is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART and you need to read and re-read this very closely:

1.  BrightHouse admitted to me that their service spews forth microwave radiation 24/7 to all their customers -- even those that have hard-wired computers.  This is because they assume everyone wants WiFi (ie: microwave radiation).  I guess it is just easier to deal with the few of us customers that want WiFi microwave radiation "turned off" than dealing with millions of less enlightened customers that want WiFi microwave radiation "turned on".   This is no different than forcing tobacco smoke on the entire public and anyone that doesn't want this toxin has to to BEG for a non-smoking section of a restaurant.  Deja vu FPL Smart Meters, eh?

The problem with my tobacco metaphor though, is you can SMELL and SEE tobacco (ugh...cough)--and thus evacuate your friend's residence, home, business etc.    And that toxic tobacco isn't being dumped into your private property! 

Which makes me wonder? Now, as my mind tries to make sense of this crazy policy to have every "Bright Home" filled with microwave radiation, how is this different than someone coming onto my personal property and dumping some other mega toxin on it without my consent and knowledge? just hit me "how" this is different.    Stay tuned!  I'm off to tackle another BrightHouse mystery!

2.  BrightHouse admitted to me that technicians and homeowners do NOT have the ability to turn off this WiFi microwave radiation.  If they do shut it off, it will be temporary at best.

3.  BrightHouse admitted to me that there is only one class of employee that has the ability to stop the 24/7 microwave spraying of your home.  And that is what is called a "The Level 3" BrightHouse employee who has BrightHouse "mothership" access.  Any other BrightHouse employee's or homeowner's attempt to stop microwave radiation will not be effective...or will be a temporary "shut off" at best.

Your BrightHouse service is designed to output microwave radiation to each and every BrightHouse customer, whether they want it or not....and whether they are hardwired or not. 

The definition of a "Bright Home" is a home with 24/7 microwave emissions.  That's "standard" to all BrightHouse customers. A "Bright Home" is a microwave filled home.

If you are a BrightHouse customer, despite what you may hope or think is a logical policy,  you have ZERO ABILITY to turn your WiFi microwave emissions on/off in accordance with your need to control microwave emissions exposure.   You have ZERO FLEXIBILITY and ZERO EMPOWERMENT when it comes to BrightHouse microwave exposure  within  your home.

As a BrightHouse customer, you must make a choice:

1.  Convenience over health
(Enjoy WiFi and absorb the microwaves)


2.  Health over convenience
(Becoming non-WiFi addicted and dependent and have no microwave exposure)

Your choice.

Got the picture?

Although the above may not be a pretty sight to read, at least we've finally learned the truth behind why my patients (and the BrightHouse technicians) are having such trouble getting a meter-proven zero microwave home!  Answer:  Because the tech and the homeowner never had the ability to turn off the microwave radiation in the first place!!

When it comes to BrightHouse and microwave emissions into your home, you do NOT get what you expect.   You get what you inspect!  Test via rental or purchase with our microwave meter

As far as I am concerned, if you have internet service within your home/business, you ARE being microwave zapped until proven otherwise with a high quality microwave meter than reaches up to the 8GHz range.   And even then, your meter-proven zero microwave emissions may be temporary due to a number of reasons including re-booting of your modem, download of new software or a defective modem with microwave leakage.

Given all the various crazy ways that BrightHouse has filled my patients homes with microwave radiation, there is only a short list of ways to know for 100% sure BrightHouse is not now (or in the future) going to fill your home with microwave radiation:

1.  Have no internet service from BrightHouse or any internet provider whatsoever.

2.  Keep your modem unplugged and with the battery removed 24/7.

2.  The only acceptable modem is one without wireless capability.  Because antennas can and are hidden inside BrightHouse modems (see proof).  Because BrightHouse modems don't come to us in a brand new box that you can verify non-wireless capability (ie: BrightHouse appears to recycle their modems?), how can we be sure our modem doesn't have antenna inside that will either leak microwave radiation (see proof) OR be reactivated by the BrightHouse mothership down the road?

3.  You own a good microwave meter that reaches up to 8 GHz and you scan your modem frequently!  My recommendation is the Acoustimeter but if cost is a major factor and it is the difference between owning and not owning a microwave meter, then go with the Cornet (but only the model found in my store.  Other Cornet models aren't effective for our needs.)

I know the advice above sounds strong, extreme and crazy. 

My "extreme advice" comes only after much mystery-driven, problem-solving experience when my patients repeatedly reported a complete inability to get a meter-proven microwave-free home from BrightHouse.

Your choice is a difficult one to make.  Convenience? Or health? 

For the sake of your thin-skulled and tender brained kids, I hope you choose health! 

And my prayers are especially with those who choose "health" yet are forced to live with a "wireless addict" and/or pseudo biophysicist. Good luck with that.

Now that I had found the truth (or at least a higher percentage of the truth), I told the rep that I needed a "system" so that BrightHouse customers, who were also my patients, could get their microwave emissions stopped with the least amount of hassle and upset to their fragile health status. 

And this is what he/I came up with....

The following is for RESIDENTIAL BrightHouse customers.  If you are a business BrightHouse customer, you do the same thing, just call a different number which is 877-632-2337.


1.   Call BrightHouse residential at 877-892-3278. You need to be near your internet when you make this phone call. 

2.   At the prompt, ask for "technical support".

3.   At the next prompt say "technical support for home networking"

4.   When a rep comes online, ask "Are you a Level 3 BrightHouse employee?"  and "Where are you located?"  The answers to that question should be "yes" and "Florida".  Note:  If you live outside Central Florida, you may need to call a different phone number, but the rules are the same.  You want a Level 3 employee and you want this employee in the USA!  Because only a USA-sitting, Level 3 BrightHouse employee has the ability to turn-off the BrightHouse mothership's microwave emissions.

5.   Ask the rep for his name.  Write his name down.  He needs to know he's on the hook for solving your problem to the very end.  No more pussyfooting around with BrightHouse employees below his paygrade! 

6.   Tell the rep "I would like my modem and/or router to be put in Bridgemode status.  I want no microwave emissions coming into my home and I'm going to prove you did your job via microwave meter testing.  So please make sure you do it right.  Thank you in advance for your assistance."  Given all the frightening info you've learned about microwave emissions, try to be nice to Mr. Level 3 BrightHouse employee as he is your last hope for help.  There is no Level 4 BrightHouse employee.  If he doesn't help you out, you will simply have to get with another Level 3 employee.  But results so far appear that these Level 3 dudes know their job.  But remember, test with a microwave meter to know for sure!

7.  After this Level 3 BrightHouse employee says the microwave emissions are turned off, you MUST test (via rental or purchase) with a good RF/Microwave meter that gets up into the 8 GHz range to make sure microwave emissions have stopped!    In my case at the clinic, the BrightHouse Level 3 employee did NOT turn off all the emissions!  He only turned off half of my clinic's microwave emissions due to another personally owned internet device.  He never would have known my personal internet device was still spewing microwaves unless I told him via my meter's reading!

8.  If, upon meter testing, you find that microwave emissions have NOT stopped, you may have a personally owned modem or router that has yet to be turned off.  In other words, you may have TWO OR MORE emitters in your home.  Did you know that a "repeater" is simply another microwave emitter to make the WiFi microwave signal stronger?   Make sure you don't have one of these either!  If you have more than one internet microwave emitting device (ie:  modem? router? repeater?) and continue to get microwave readings on your meter, you need to continue to work with this very smart Level 3 BrightHouse employee to get the other device(s) properly turned off as well.  Or your wireless capable modem/router is leaking microwave radiation!!

9.  If you are, like me, not so swift with the internet cords and such, this Level 3 employee may need to send a technician to your home to do the physical "hooking up" of your equipment.  MAKE SURE YOU GET A MODEM WITHOUT WIRELESS CAPABILITY

Warning:  A modem without wireless capability is NOT the same as a modem with the wireless capability turned off.  THERE'S A BIG DIFFERENCE!  Make your needs clear to the BrightHouse Level 3 employee on the phone!  BrightHouse technician don't typically carry modems without wireless capability.  You must make sure it is put on his truck before he leaves for your home!  Wireless capable modems can and do leak microwave radiation!  See proof.

But at least you now know that the "BrightHouse mothership" has turned off their microwave triggering source.   Hopefully, after the technician leaves your home YOU WILL FOR SURE have no microwave emissions register on your meter.  But remember, you don't get what you expect.  You get what you inspect!  Test with a meter!  It is simply not worth the risk!

WARNING:  These BrightHouse Technicians carry 2+ cell phones on their body at all times.  Make sure all cell phones are left outside during the meter testing process.  If you don't you will get repeated microwave readings on the meter and you'll think it is your internet modem/router when really it is the BrightHouse technician himself!  No joke, this is EXACTLY what happened to me and the BrightHouse technician here at the clinic!

WARNING:  If you require a BrightHouse technician home visit to complete the de-WiFi process, be prepared for science bending.

10.  Once the loud, over-powering, blasting of the WiFi rat-tat-tat is turned off, you will finally be able to detect the other 24/7 microwave emitters in your your laptop, cell phones, baby monitors, cordless DECT phones, BlueTooth in your car etc.  Time to go to work "de-microwaving" yourself from those sources!  Fortunately, with the exception of your car, it should be much easier than your BrightHouse experience.    Remember:  Always prove the emissions are off via meter testing!  When my BlueTooth was disconnected by Honda, I was assured the microwave emissions were off.  Guess what?  Not!  Thank God I had my meter with me.  I didn't leave or pay until I got no more microwave zapping at my chest.

11.  Once you are finished, your residence should be like my home and work:  METER-PROVEN ZERO DETECTIBLE MICROWAVE EMISSIONS.  CONGRATS! 

If you still register microwave emissions on the microwave meter, find out if the source emitter is from inside or outside.

If inside, start unplugging devices and/or turning off circuit breakers and find the source device that is causing it.  Call us if you have a mystery.  I love microwave mysteries.  We've had several interesting cases of microwave emissions from a device in one room jumping on a metal beam or wire and traveling to the complete opposite side of the house and zapping the patient on the other side of the house!  And the only thing that stopped the microwave emissions in that room was unplugging the WiFi emitting device in another room on the other side of the house!  Got the picture?  These microwaves are stealthy.  It is impossible to do your microwave detective work without a good RF/microwave meter that registers up into the 8 GHz range!

If the microwave source is outside, find the source (cell tower?  Smart Meter?  Neighbor?) and give us a call so we can help you with your options.

The bottom-line is this:   Via your microwave meter testing in your home, work and around town, you've realized how sadly and badly we are living in a sea of microwave radiation.  If you want to protect yourself and your family from this 24/7, cumulative microwave exposure, you MUST set up as many CLEAN ZONES as possible.  At a minimum, your home must be microwave free.  The reality is that your body must have some place to rest, heal and repair without microwave stress!   Also, by reducing your daily microwave absorption, you are delaying and/or reducing the probability of becoming a electro-sensitive person down the road.

I'm sorry to give you all this bad news.  Don't shoot the messenger.

If possible, work with your employer to lower microwave emissions.  As time passes I am hearing of more and more business owners deciding to not poison himself (or his employees) with microwave radiation via designating his/her business a WiFi-free and microwave-free environment.

For example, does the "health store" you frequent poison you with microwaves during your shopping experience? 

Take our meter there and check them out!  And inform the health store owner of what you find!  Perhaps he/she will make a few changes--making this world a safer place to eat and shop for us health conscious folk.

The more businesses, like my clinic, that have meter-proven zero microwave emissions, the more this critical microwave poisoning information will pass onto our "health conscious" friends.  And then things will finally reach the "tipping  point" and things really will begin to change.  Because, frankly, unlike tobacco, out bodies can't weather 50 years of microwave poisoning before something is done at the government level...

I consider my de-microwaved clinic cutting edge -- like one of the first businesses that had the guts to ban smoking in their business decades ago...

I may be one of the first to prohibit microwave poisoning within my business, but I know I'm not the last. 

As the epidemic of microwave poisoning becomes more widely known, more and more people will minimize their exposure to microwaves and that will include their business policy.  OR, if they don't, they risk being sued by their employees for knowingly zapping them with chronic doses of microwave radiation within their work environment. 

Think about this:  Did you know that your cell phone contract says that you can't sue them for diseases and cancer resulting from the use of their microwave-based cell phone?  I wonder if my BrightHouse contract says the same thing?

So, Mr. Businessman, have you "covered your ass" like the cell phone companies have?  Do you have contracts with your employees saying they can't sue you for their symptoms and diseases resulting from your decision to chronically expose your employees to a carcinogen while they work for your monetary benefit?

Something to think about, eh? 

Because the funny thing about "belief" -- if a toxin is toxic, it does NOT give a crap what your belief is.  It will still make your employees sick...and every day, science is backing that statement up more and more.

And what about all the microwaves your thin-skulled and tender-brained kids are exposed to at school? Watch these videos!

Take action!  You CAN make a difference.


PS.  As of this writing, I know of at least 4 people that are now switching their businesses to no microwave zones.  Thank you for helping to make this world a safer place for me to live.  But my primary concern remains with the thin-skulled, tender-brain children living and going to school in microwave filled environments....(sigh).

"Dark and difficult times lie ahead. 
Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy."
-Professor Dumbledore speaking to Harry Potter

"There are two types of pain you will go through in life,
the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.
Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."
-Jim Rohn

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