It is sad that I have to even add this page to my website, but I must.

Because when it comes to electromagnetic radiation (EMR), the "science benders"  are out in full force!!!

Who or what are the "science benders"?

Science benders are those people who produce doubt.  In fact, DOUBT IS THE PRODUCT of science benders.

Science benders are those who take fact....then manipulate that fact...then create doubt in your mind....and they do it for one reason and one reason only:  TO MANIPULATE YOU SO THEY CAN CONTINUE TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF YOU.

Make no mistake.  This is totally what bending science is about.  Manipulation for money.  Pure and simple.

Just like it is impossible for me to argue with stupid, it is impossible for me to argue with science benders as well. 


Because a science bender's manipulative arguments are based on a bit of fact.  But just a bit of fact.  A tiny itty bitty bit of fact. 

But just enough fact that I can't point a finger at the science bender and say like the matter-of-fact Dr. House would say:  "You are an idiot!". 

Nor can I point a finger at the science bender and say "You lie like a rug!" either.

But I can point a finger at them and say "You are a science bender! You are a manipulator of truth.  A manipulator of reality.  A manipulator of fact.  And you should be ashamed of yourself!"

Science benders aren't new to me.  I've been up against science benders for the last 20 years.  Eventually, the public gets wise and the science benders are left without a leg to stand-on.  But at least the science benders were able to manipulate you and make money off you until that day came when you finally realized they were a science bender and you stopped believing their talking head.

The only way to deal with science benders is to EDUCATE the people they manipulate.  And since one of the definitions of 'doctor' is to teach, I feel it is my duty 'to teach you' so that you fall out of the science bender's spell sooner rather than later---because frankly, your life and the life of your babies depends on it.

Here are a few of the science bending statements I've encountered over the last 20 years.

Years ago, I heard these science bending arguments all the time.  The following science bending statements are still being used today, just less often because people are wising up faster and don't buy the bent science garbage so much anymore...

Here are a few examples of historical science bending statements:


The ADA and dentist science-bender states:  "Nothing to worry about.  Our silver fillings are not mercury, they are amalgam."

The truth:  Yes, your fillings are silver.  Yes, they are amalgams because amalgam just means a 'mixture of metals' and that is what your silver fillings are--a mixture of metals.  BUT, your silver fillings are only about 10% silver and 52% mercury.  And mercury is the 2nd most toxic element on the periodic chart, only after plutonium (ie: atomic bomb material).  Yes, you'd be better off with lead fillings.  Or arsenic fillings.  Or cadmium fillings.  Heck, the toxicity of lead, arsenic and cadmium combined is less than the toxicity of mercury.  So, given the majority of the filling is mercury, shouldn't they truthfully be called "mercury fillings" and thus, trigger a "cause to pause"?


The compact fluorescent light (CFL) (ie: curly bulb) science-bender states:  "These CFLs are best for our environment because they save energy."

The truth:  Yes, the CFL uses less wattage and thus, less energy which is good for our environment.  But these CFLs, like all fluorescent bulbs, are filled with highly toxic mercury.  Thus, how "good for our environment" is it if you are forced to replace all your non-mercury containing incandescent bulbs with a CFL?  What if one of those CFLs breaks in your house?  You are supposed to leave your home immediately and start special hazmat clean up procedures.  Or what if that CFL is thrown in the trash and put in the landfill?  And in terms of energy savings, how much energy did you save driving your car (with that CFL in the seat next to you) to a hazardous waste dump site?  Don't want to drive the CFL to the hazardous site yourself?  That's ok.  Call the sanitation department and they will send a big gas guzzling trash truck with 1-2 men on it to your door to pick up that CFL.  Now, tell me again, how does all the above reality make the CFL healthier for our environment via reduced environmental toxicity and less energy usage?


The pesticide science-bender states:  "Nothing to worry about.  Our pesticide is organic."

The truth:  To a chemist, "organic" means "based in carbon atoms".  And because the pesticide is made of lots of carbon atoms, yes, to a chemist it is organic.  But it is still a toxic pesticide nonetheless.


The chemical science-bender states: "Nothing to worry about.  Our chemical is natural." 

The truth:  "Natural" is a meaningless word.  When pushed to the wall to explain how/why their petrochemical product is "natural" they say the petrochemical originated from oil and oil originates from compressed dinosaurs etc, and thus, it is natural.


The tobacco science-bender states:  "Nothing to worry about.  Tobacco is NOT addictive."

The truth:  Correct, the tobacco per se is not addictive.  It is the nicotine in the tobacco, the tobacco plants BRED to have more nicotine and the nicotine ADDED to the cigarette that is so addictive.

You may look at these historical "science bending" statements and think any person that believed these statements a fool at best or an idiot at worst.

But guess what? 

I guarantee that today YOU are believing "bent science" regarding another toxin.

And to make the bent science worse, it is an invisible, odorless and silent toxin.  Therefore, when (not if) this toxin makes you sick, neither you nor your doctor will consider that this invisible, odorless and silent toxin is making you ill!

I am referring to "microwave radiation bent science".


First of all, I want to state for the record that I am GLAD that tons of bended microwave science is flooding my patient's ears.

Why am I glad?

Because the "need" to create and throw bended microwave science at the public is evidence that the science benders are fearing the truth is starting to spread.  And if the truth continues to spread then the public gets closer to a tipping point whereby it will be common knowledge that the 24/7 absorption of microwave is not a good thing and should be avoided and minimized whenever possible.  Results:  Consumer drops their demand for the science bender's products.

As Mohandas Gandhi once said,

First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win.

And "bending science" is part of the "fight" stage.  Thus, all this science bending tells me we are moving closer and closer to the point where everyone will know, like tobacco, microwave exposure is a very addictive and toxic game to play.

So I say again, while these science bending statements frustrate me on the one hand because I hate seeing people get snookered, I am glad we are getting closer to every man, woman and child learning the truth.



WiFi is NOT microwave radiation!
It is radiofrequency (RF) radiation!

Is this true?
Or is this bended science?

By far the most common bended science comes from the BrightHouse technicians visiting the homes of my patients. 

Invariably, the topic comes up:  Why are you ridding WiFi?  And my patient explains they've read the research on microwave radiation and thus, they are taking massive efforts to reduce their microwave exposure, especially in their home.  And that includes elimination of WiFi. 

This is the point that each and every BrightHouse technician parrots the same line:  "WiFi is NOT microwave.  It is RF -- radiofrequency".

Sometimes the patient will get an added bonus from the technician such as "I've worked in this field for X number of years and trust me, WiFi is NOT microwave."

Let's put this "bended science" to bed once and for all.

Let's assume you are very allergic to apples.  So allergic to apples that, in fact, that they make you seriously ill to the point of rapid aging at best and death at worst.

Let's say a dessert salesperson comes to your home and wants to sell you an apple pie.  And of course, you decline saying that you are highly allergic to apples and that they may even kill you.

What would you think and how would you feel if that dessert salesperson kept pushing his tasty apple pie in your face and all the while saying "This is NOT an apple pie...this is a fruit pie.  Go ahead, take a bite and enjoy."

If I were in that situation, a million things would run through my mind trying to make sense of such a declaration of fruit pie safety. 

I'd wonder if this salesperson was mentally impaired or an idiot or a fool.  Or was he just a brainwashed victim because his training convinced him it wasn't an apple pie but was a fruit pie instead?  Or, was he a puppet told by his superiors he must parrot this response, whether he believed it or not, to any customer that even mentions apple pie safety issues.  Or, was he trying to maim and kill me? 

Because when it comes to RF and microwaves, RF is the fruit and microwaves is the apples.

Yes, all microwaves are RF.

But not all RF are microwaves.

Just as all apples are fruit.  But not all fruits are apples.  Understand?

This bended science is trying to take your ear off the word "microwave" -- because "radios" sound a lot less toxic than "microwave ovens"!  And that's the whole idea...manipulation of thought away from microwave ovens and toward radios. 

So let's put this "Is WiFi RF or microwaves?" bended science to bed once and for all with the help of our best friend, Wikipedia.

(Note:  Perhaps "best friend" is too much of a strong word?  Wikipedia, because it is written by humans, has been found to science bend as well I've found.   But at least not in this case of wavelength definitions).

Per Wikipedia, Radio frequency (RF) is a form of non-ionizing radiation in the range of around kHz (or 0.000003 GHz) to 300 GHz. (gigahertz)

Per Wikipedia, Microwave frequency is a form of non-ionizing radiation in the range of .3 GHz to 300 GHz.

As you can see, microwaves are a SUBSET of RF.  Just like apples is a SUBSET of fruit.

Per Wikipedia, WiFi is a technology that allows electronic devices to connect to the internet wirelessly using microwaves in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

As you can easily see, WiFi technology utilizes microwave frequencies because 2.4 and 5 GHz fit the microwave .3 to 300 GHz band very nicely.  In fact, 2.4 and 5 GHz are much closer to .3 (bottom of the microwave range) than to .000003 GHz (bottom of the RF range). 

Here's a conversion calculator if you don't believe me and want to do your own math after reading Wikipedia in detail yourself.

What about microwave ovens?  Do microwave ovens use microwave radiation?

Yes.  Per Wikipedia, consumer microwave ovens usually use 2.45 GHz. 

Now, jump back a couple paragraphs and look at the microwave frequency that WiFi uses.  Yep, the same one...2.45 GHz.

How can someone say that WiFi is NOT microwaves when it is the same exact frequency used in a microwave oven -- 2.45 GHz.   Granted, the wattage (ie: push behind the microwave) is greater in a microwave oven than with WiFi or cell phones, but the truth remains:  The frequency is the exact same as used in a consumer microwave oven.

The only thing left to discuss is exactly what are you planning to say in response to the BrightHouse technician who, I guarantee, will throw this RF vs Microwave bended science at you?

Here's what I say (and you can copy/print and hand to the technician): 

"I appreciate you trying to relieve my worries and change my belief about WiFi microwave radiation exposure risk.  There's only one problem:  toxins don't change their toxicity based on your or my belief.   

You are simply wrong when you say that WiFi doesn't flood my home with microwave radiation but, instead, flood my home with RF radiation instead.

I don't know why you are wrong -- ignorance or brainwashing or you are trying to manipulate me, but you are very misinformed and very misinforming to your customers.  

Wikipedia and every  non-science bending electrical engineer will agree with me when I state the fact that microwave ovens utilize the 2.45 GHz frequency and WiFi utilizes 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.  So, if WiFi and microwave ovens use the same 2.4 GHz frequency, and you claim that 2.4 GHz is "RF", then why aren't they called "Radio Ovens" OR "RF ovens" instead?  Answer:  Because, pure and simple, 2.4 GHz, such as in the microwave oven AND coming out of that Brighthouse modem ARE microwave frequencies

But, yes, of course, I will agree with you that these microwave frequencies are a subset of RF frequencies and that microwave oven wattage is greater than WiFi wattage.  But the fact still remains:  WiFi  utilizes microwave radiation

All toxins are toxic.  All poisons are poisonous.  The only thing remaining to determine the health effect on biological life forms is dose intensity
and exposure duration.  Since microwave absorption is cumulative within life forms, I have decided to lower a significant source of my microwave exposure by ridding the 24/7 WiFi microwaving of my living space. 

If you still don't believe me, look it all up on Wikipedia -- RF, microwave, WiFi and microwave ovens-- and compare the frequency ranges for yourself.  WiFi at 2.4 or 5 GHz IS microwave radiation. You are simply wrong--either by ignorance, brainwashing or an attempt to manipulate me via bending the science.  I don't know which.  I just know you are wrong--WiFi radiation IS microwave radiation!"

Feel free to use my words or make up your own.  Because you WILL get this microwave bended science thrown at you when you disconnect your WiFi.

Or simply copy and paste these words on a piece of paper and just hand it to the technician without saying a word.  This might be the best idea....give him something to take home with him to read later.  Why?  Because with all his own microwave exposure via home and work, you are not exactly dealing with a person with the best cognitive skills.  He'd probably do better reading it...over and over again to "get" what you are trying to say.

But now you are at least educated with the truth and prepared for the BrightHouse bended science launching.


The microwaves coming from
 WiFi, cell phones, cell towers etc
 are proven safe

Is this true?
Or is this bended science?

The science benders say chronic microwave exposures such as WiFi and cell towers are "safe" because their device outputs microwave radiation below the government's maximum exposure guidelines.

Yes, that is true.  Their device is keeping under the USA legal limit (although much higher than what other countries permit).

The assumption is:  "microwave emissions less than government safety limits = safety".

Bad assumption.  For several reasons...

Over the decades, our government has deemed thousands of things "safe", until their "oops, sorry, me bad, not safe" legal rulings came out decades later.  And how many millions of people suffered due to "safety" based on our government's legal limits?

So yes, a device's microwave exposure is "safe" if you define safety by the USA's government's laws. 

But if you define "safe" by another countries laws, many wireless devices sold in America are illegal elsewhere.

Bottom-line:  The U.S. government has a bad track record of determining what is safe and not safe for it's citizens.

Next, the U.S. government safety limit is NOT based on cumulative microwave exposure.  It is based on "per device" emissions.  Thus, if you have numerous wireless technologies surrounding you, such as WiFi, cell phones, cell towers, cordless phones, baby monitors etc, then you are being exposed to far more microwave radiation than if you just used a cell phone on occasion, lived far from a cell tower and had no cordless phones or WiFi in your home.  All toxins are toxic.  It is just a matter of dose intensity and dose duration (and personal considerations such as age) are that determine the magnitude of the health effects.

Speaking of other countries on this planet, if you look to organizations such as the World Health Organization (W.H.O) -- they are like the FDA of the world --- if microwave exposure at the low wattage levels such as what is found in WiFi, cell towers, DECT cordless phones and cell phones is so safe, then why did W.H.O. declare microwave radiation at those low, low levels a possible carcinogen and recommend taking action to avoid and minimize one's exposure to it?  Does this sound like "microwave radiation is safe" to you?

And another group of dozens of PhD's and MD's have reviewed the low wattage microwave research and have agreed with W.H.O. and declared so in their BioInitiative Report.

The science benders are doing a "bait and switch" and want you to believe that "legal" is the same thing as "safe" --- when this simply is not the case.

Or, the science benders are funding research studies designed to insure "lack of harm" results.  For example, a recent study, the Interphone Study,  funded by the wireless industry was so well designed that the results appear that using a cell phone is actually good for your brain and reduces your chances of a brain tumor!  These kind of results are bound to happen when regular cellphone users are defined as someone that it is on the phone for a few minutes per day.  Or, leave children out of the research. 

While the same countries were researched by others and found there was a increased risk of brain tumors.

Are you doubting that a wireless company can purposely trying to defraud the public with their microwave-toxic devices?  Then perhaps you should read one of Motorola's memos.  In their own words, "this is a war game". 

War?  Game?  I thought research was about science.  And NOT about war or games?

Another common microwave science bender is basing microwave safety on the "thermal heating" and "ionization" standards.

To explain this, let me use another analogy:

We all know that the Bible states "Thou shalt not kill."

Humanity has decided to write laws to keep their respective societies "civilized".  And so, write laws against killing other humans.

What would you think if a country wrote their law in exactly this way:  "Thou shalt not kill another man by sword or arrow."

My concerns about this law would be this:

1. What about the killing of women and children?

2. What about killing via some other method than sword or arrow?

But let's assume no one argues this law and it is allowed to stand on the books. 

Time passes.  Technology changes.  Guns are developed and sold.    And down the road a serial killer/terrorist starts killing millions of people via the use of guns.

The terrorist is caught.  And guess what?  He gets off!  All because of a very old standard -- because he did NOT kill via the use of those two "standards" (sword or arrow).  He gets off free and clear.  And meanwhile, so much pain and suffering the terrorist caused. 

Because the law's emphasis is placed on the METHOD OF MURDER (sword or arrow) rather than keeping the emphasis on the RESULTING DEATH, the terrorist's murders are 100% legal and without penalty.

As crazy as this example above sounds, this is exactly the argument the science benders are using when they say that microwave radiation is safe via giving you these "thermal effects" and "ionization" safety proof statements.    In other words, how can harm be done to anyone if neither sword or arrow are used?

These science benders are taking the focus away from microwaves HARMING HEALTH and instead, placing emphasis on the CAUSE of health harm.

The science benders tell you that microwave devices are safe because, basically, they don't cause harm via

1.  thermal heating (arrow) or

2. ionization (sword).

"Thermal heating" means that the damage was done via the microwaves literally heating and cooking the person's tissue.

"Ionization" means that the damage was done via the the microwaves tearing electrons right off a person's DNA, cells etc.  This is how another form of radiation kills---nuclear radioactive fallout such as plutonium, cesium, strontium etc.  This form of radiation is called "ionizing radiation" and it is the stuff that spews forth from atomic bombs and nuclear power plants.  Yep, this is stuff that is being given off via the still leaking Reactor #4 in Fukushima, Chernobyl, Three Mile Island. 

Because science benders use an itty bit of fact, I have to admit it is true that microwaves do NOT maim and kill via thermal heating or ionization.  They are right.

But that doesn't mean that microwaves can't harm via other ways -- such as the DNA acting as a fractal antenna and/or the microwaves breaking the DNA's fragile Van de Waal forces holding the DNA together in its proper physical shape.

It boggles my mind that so many people, including engineers, fall for this thermal/ionization bended science.

It boggles my mind how anyone with a frontal lobe or an IQ above 50 can think that there are only two pathways a "radiation toxin" can be toxic. That is like believing that poisonous mercury only has two possible poisonous pathways to make a person sick--neurological or psychological.  And thus, if you have any other symptom BUT those two, you can't possibly have a symptom/disease due to mercury. 

Like I said far above, it is hard for me to argue with stupid.  Even my pup, with a brain frontal lobe 10% the size of mine, has repeatedly shown higher decision-making skills than those people that actually believe that there are only TWO ways a person can die -- by sword or by arrow.

Yet these thermal and ionization science bender arguments are very effective, are used daily during microwave debates and have remained in place for over three decades -- especially with electrical engineers who know a lot about radiation but know zip, zero, nada about biology.


Did you know microwaves have been used in the past and present as a form of military warfare?  This is one reason why interviews with British military expert Barrie Trower are so interesting -- because he came out of retirement to express his concern and warn us about microwave warfare and the microwaves they used in the military to cause harm, to cause disease and to cause mental changes.  On various interviews he discusses the microwave frequency that they used for inducing apathy, rage, mental confusion, anxiety/fear etc.  Or, perhaps just a really high frequency which burns the skin.   It is called "microwave warfare".

Have you ever heard of kale warfare?  Or broccoli warfare?  Or wheatgrass juice warfare?

I haven't.  And most likely because these substances do a very poor job at maiming and killing people.

If microwaves are so inert, benign and safe, why are they used in microwave warfare?  And if microwaves are so inert/safe, then why in the world has our US military spent billions of dollars over five decades to study it at levels below the thermal effect threshold?

And lastly, if microwave radiation is so safe, why does our own U.S. Department of Interior fear that it will kill too many birds

So, is microwave radiation safe?

If you are the kind of person that doesn't believe something is unsafe until our government declares it unsafe, that "kale warfare" is a future possibility, that people are NOT lifeforms like birds and there are only two pathways to death/sickness, then the answer to that question is "Yes, it is safe." 

But I believe in 30-50 years this won't be the case.  Somewhere decades down the road, low level microwave exposure will be deemed a major health hazard and the citizens of that time will look back at our generation (just like we look back at the tobacco smoking generation) and say "How could those yesteryear folks have been such idiots and believed that microwave radiation via wireless technologies was harmless and thus, caused massive harm to themselves and their babies?" 

The reason we are behaving just as irrationally as the tobacco generation is the same reason as them:

1.  Microwaves are addictive

2.  Science bending (manipulation of science/fact/reality to increase profits)

Why does it take decades for change?  Due to the above two reasons, it just simply takes that long for government to reverse their "safety" decisions. 

But if you are the kind of person that can think for him or herself (ie: not too badly microwave poisoned....yet), then look at the evidence and decide for yourself.

Would you rather be safe?

Or sorry?....



The average microwave emissions
from our product
are too low to do harm

Is this true?
Or is this bended science?

Once the science bender realizes that you are no longer buying the bended science that his device does NOT emit microwaves and that microwaves are 100% safe, the science bender jumps to the next logical step to bend the science and thus, successfully manipulate you.

The science bender now says:  "Yeah, it is microwave and yea microwaves are unsafe BUT our product's microwave emissions are different.  Our average microwave emissions are just too low to do harm."

The beauty of this stage of the science bending process is that the science bender finally admits their product emits microwaves AND that microwaves are unsafe.  BUT, you have nothing to worry about because their microwave levels are just too low to do harm.

First of all, the microwave research studies are showing that extremely low low microwave levels are causing harm.  Just look at this research and you'll see negative biological effect is happening at the MICROWATT PER CENTIMETER SQUARED (microwatt/cm2) lever.  Yikes!  This is very low.  Microwatts are less than both watts and milliwatts.  It is a very very low level.  In fact, the BioInitiative Report states that negative biological effects are being seen at levels as low as .0034 microwatts/cm2. 

So, if a manufacturer's device emits more than .0034 microwatts/cm2, how can they lower their microwave emissions and thus, make their product more safe?

One way is to change the technology.  But the process of making their product safer would require engineering re-design and manufacturing re-tooling issues.  This would cost money and remove much of their profit.

But there IS another way to lower a device's microwave emissions that is easy, fast and without cost....

And that involves simply inserting the word "average" into their science bending literature.

According to Wikipedia, "average" is defined as the sum of a list of numbers divided by the size of the list.  In other words, the arithmetic mean.  For example, the average of 1 + 4 + 5 is 3.333 (10/3 = 3.333)

Radiation can be emitted in a steady continuous stream OR in pulses.  Most of our wireless devices emit PULSED microwave radiation.  This means that the microwave burst is hitting you, then pausing for a bit, then hitting you again, then pausing for a bit etc.

Every device's pulse is different.  For example, if I put my microwave meter next to a turned on cell phone (ie: it is turned on but I'm not talking on it), I would find that the meter would be quiet.  And then all of sudden the microwave meter would detect a huge pulse of microwave radiation.  And then it would be quiet again for a bit, and then hit me with another huge pulse of microwave radiation....on and on and on 24/7 as I carry the phone on my body.

In the case of this cell phone example, this pulsed microwave radiation is called "the Beacon signal".  This is the cell phone "checking in" with the cell tower to see if anyone wants to talk to it.  The same thing happens with any wireless device.  Like your laptop. Ipad. Smart Meter. etc....

Let's assume for ease of discussion that the Beacon signal microwave pulse took exactly 1 second to pulse and only happened 4x a minute.  Let's also assume that the one second microwave pulse dosed you with 10 microwatts/cm2.  Yikes!  That's a big number. 

But with some mathematical magic, I can make that microwave zap appear much less toxic to you.  Here's's called "averaging"....

60 seconds in a minute
4 zaps per minute at 10 microwatts/cm2 per each zap.
That's a total of 40 microwatts/cm2 radiation per minute.
But there are 60 seconds in a minute.
So, let's average the dose...
Take the 40 microwatts/cm2 emission and divide by 60 seconds...
And now we can science bend and say that the dose is only .66 microwatts/cm2 because 40 microwatts divided by 60 seconds is .66 microwatts/cm2.

Which would make you feel more comfortable?  Knowing that a device put off 10 microwatts/cm2 OR .66 microwatts/cm2?

This chart shows another example of pulsed reality vs science bending averaging.

And btw, repeated studies show pulsed microwaves far more harmful than continuous microwave exposure.

pulsed microwave graph

See how a science bender can magically drop the average emissions to a mere fraction of reality? 

In my example above I discussed Beacon signals that occur several times a minute or once every minute or so.

HOWEVER, as anyone who has borrowed our meter will tell you, WiFi microwave radiation is anything but a "zap"....(significant pause)...."zap" experience.  It is a rat-tat-tat that fires at you as fast as you can say those words.  Incredible to see on the meter.  Even more incredible to hear.

And by factoring in all the "silence" between those pulses, the science benders can legally say that the "average" of their microwave emissions is a mere fraction of reality.


And keep in mind something very important:  Your microwave exposure is NOT coming from just your cell phone.  It is coming from your Smart Meter, your WiFi, your IPad, your cordless phone, your baby monitors, your wireless toys, your BlueTooth on your cell phone, your BlueTooth on your car, cell towers, microwave antennas atop various buildings etc etc etc. 

Bluntly, YOU LITERALLY HAVE NO CLUE how thick your personal microwave smog is unless you've borrowed one of our meters and examined your home and about town with it.  FRIGHTENING.

And once you realize your DAILY TOTAL MICROWAVE ABSORPTION, you will think twice about how safe adding "just a bit more microwave radiation for convenience reasons" is to your health.

Keep in mind, the first cigarette never gave the tobacco addict lung cancer.  It was the cumulative exposure that did it.



But it only emits microwave radiation
for 3 minutes a day!

Is this true?
Or is this bended science?

At this point of the science bender's attempt to manipulate you, he/she realizes you:
1.  Know wireless = microwave radiation (and not RF)
2.  Know microwave radiation is unsafe
3.  Know that the microwave dose can be manipulated via "averaging"

Since you haven't been manipulated via the science bender's 1.  the microwave definition argument; 2. the microwave safety argument; or 3. the microwave dose argument, it is time to manipulate you with the microwave's EXPOSURE DURATION argument.

To do this, the science bender simply adds up all the microseconds of pulses, removes the "quiet lag time" between each pulse and compresses your microwave exposures to one simple, small amount of time.

For example, in the case of Smart Meters, it is argued that Smart Meters only emit their microwave radiation 3 minutes per day.  That's doesn't sound like much, right?  You probably aren't even on that side of the house during those 3 minutes, right?

The problem is when you take our microwave meter out to the Smart Meter to test it.  You'll find that your luck was so good that you actually caught the Smart Meter's 3 minute window.  Cool!....

The only problem is this:  Your meter keeps showing the microwave zaps every second during the 4th minute, 5 minute, 6th minute  24/7 a day!

The Smart Meter science benders have taken the 9000 microwave pulses emitted during the day and compressed out of it the 'quiet time' and voila, you have only 3 minutes of microwave exposure!

The same "exposure duration" science bending is used effectively with all the other wireless devices as well.



It is safe.
Just like your WiFi.

Is this true?
Or is this bended science?

Of all the science bender's arguments, this is the hardest one for me to disagree with....because I do NOT disagree with it!  Read on....

In this argument, the science bender wants to equate their "unsafe device" with another device that you believe is safe (or at least don't want to believe is unsafe.)  In other words, they want to piggy back their unsafe wireless device atop another microwave device you don't realize (yet) is unsafe.

For example, regarding Smart Meters, FPL reps have been heard saying "What's the big deal?  It is as safe as your WiFi!"

If you are addicted to your WiFi or in denial about WiFi's dangers or most commonly, didn't even realize your WiFi was microwave emissions too, this science bending manipulation is very effective on you!

Why?  Because it creates such strong cognitive dissonance in your mind.

Cognitive dissonance is mental stress and discomfort because a person holds two contradictory beliefs at the same time.  The cognitive dissonance discomfort does not resolve until the two contradictory beliefs are no longer contradictory.

So, in the example above, if you believe WiFi is safe and the science bender says that the Smart Meter is as safe as your WiFi, you only have two ways to remove your painful cognitive dissonance stress:

1.  Accept that Smart Meters are safe


2.  Accept that WiFi is unsafe

Since so many people don't realize that WiFi utilizes microwave radiation and/or are addicted to their WiFi, most relieve their cognitive dissonance by accepting that Smart Meters are safe.

When a science bender uses this argument on me I say "At last!  We agree 100% on something!  Yes, I do agree that Smart Meter's are as safe as WiFi --- they are BOTH scary unsafe!"

Keep in mind that this argument will pair different wireless devices, depending on your own personal wireless addictions.

If the science bender sees that you live with your cell phone glued to your head, he/she will tell you that their device is as safe as your cell phone.  Which is true.  They are BOTH UNSAFE.

This manipulation is very effective when the science bender finds another microwave device you love, and equates his microwave device with the device you love.  Because the science bender knows that cognitive dissonance is a very crappy mental state to have.  And that the fastest way out of that cognitive dissonance is to keep thinking the beloved wireless device is safe and therefore, the questionable wireless device is also safe.

It takes a very strong person to overcome this cognitive dissonance via research, realization and acceptance that his/her beloved microwave device is also unsafe.

Unfortunately, most people aren't that mentally strong.  And thus, this particular bended science is highly effective manipulation and can last for decades...

This cognitive dissonance also happens in the minds of people that work in the microwave/wireless industry.

Just like dentists that don't want to believe that they are hurting their patients by plugging their cavities with mercury, the millions of people that make their money pushing microwave products don't want to believe that they are hurting people either.

Talk about cognitive dissonance!

I believe the typical American does NOT want to do harm.  However, when they realize that their job or expertise may be part of the puzzle that is harming mankind, well.....that's a very difficult nut to swallow. Mega cognitive dissonance.

Thus, it is just far far easier to keep believing that microwave radiation is totally safe --- and do everything possible to NOT read any literature on the subject. 

Because the reading of reputable microwave literature, such as what is on my website, would cause them overwhelmingly painful cognitive dissonance.

And in a nutshell ladies, many times this is the real reason your man is behaving as seemingly egotistical and stubborn pseudo biophysist  -- cognitive dissonance


This microwave device

(cell tower, Smart Meter etc)

emits radiation in a laser beam-like fashion

to it's intended receiver.

No need to worry about microwave radiation spray on you!

Is this true?

Or is this bended science?

While the majority of the microwave radiation is found in certain 'lobes' coming off the antenna, it is untrue that the microwave radiation is being emitted like a compact "laser beam". 

And the only thing worse than the picture below is now imagining the "over lap" of several microwave antennas. 

As these microwave antennas become more numerous and the overlapping "microwave cloud" becomes more dense, it is expected that homes will test with higher and higher microwave levels despite shutting off their WiFi, shielding the Smart Meter, minimizing cell phone use etc.


This wireless device is safe.

The Interphone Study proves cell phones

(and thus, microwave radiation)

is 100% safe

Is this true?

Or is this bended science?

Yes, it IS true that the Interphone Study (funded by wireless industries) proved that cell phones are safe!

In fact, the Interphone showed that the cell phones were so safe that cell phones were GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN'S HEALTH!  According to their study, the more you use your cell phone the MORE HEALTHY your brain will be!

Before you throw out your ear buds and glue your cell phone to your head, you might want to know a few facts about the Interphone Study:

***Definition of regular cell phone user:  Used cell phone 1x per week for the last 6 months.

***Years of cell phone use:  Less than 6 years with the average being 2.6 years.    Altho, like tobacco-induced lung cancer, brain tumors take 10-30 years to form.

***Type of brain tumor:  Only acoustic neuroma, glioma and meningioma brain tumors considered.  All other brain tumors recorded as "no impact".

***Brain tumor location:  Altho 80% of the cell phone microwave radiation is absorbed within a 20% space of the brain, this study considered ALL brain tumors, no matter where they are in the brain, as a brain tumor.  By doing this, it dilutes and underestimates the brain tumors found directly under the cell phone antenna.
Figure 2, Exposure of the Brain

***Age of cell phone user:  Only 30-59 years old.  No young adults or children included in study.  This age group has thinner skulls and more vulnerable brain tissue.

***Death of cell phone user:  If user DIED of brain tumor and thus couldn't be reached for "comment", they were eliminated from the study.  Thus, the most deadly brain tumors of all were eliminated from the study.

***Cell phone usage:  Rather than look at cell phone "minutes" on record with the cell phone company, the study depended on "recall" of the cell phone users. 

***Location of cell phone usage (rural vs urban use):   Each cell phone puts off a different amount of microwave radiation depending on how much power (watts) is needed to reach the nearest cell tower.  Thus, cell phones used in rural environments expose the user to more total microwave wattage per phone call because the nearest cell tower is farther away.

***Other microwave brain exposures:  Those with other high exposures to microwaves to the brain, such as HAM operators, walkie talkie users, cordless phone users etc were classified as non-cellphone users

Bottom-line:  The Interphone Study, funded by the wireless industry, was designed to underestimate the occurrence of cellphone related brain tumors.  And via their design, the Interphone Study has proven that either cellphones are PROTECTIVE and GOOD for your brain.......OR, the Interphone Study is seriously flawed.


This device is safe.
They are only saying it is unsafe
to scare you so they can take your money.

Is this true?

Or is this bended science?

I just heard this bended science argument today.  It came via one of my long-time female patients.  She was trying to remove microwave radiation (aka:  WiFi) from her home and her husband refused to agree to it. 

He also refused to look at one page of my website.

He also refused to read one drop of microwave research from other docs. 

He also refused to watch one minute of interviews with microwave PhD's etc. 

His response to her every anti-WiFi comment was:  "WiFi is NOT unsafe.  And Linnette Beck is not a REAL doctor and she's just saying that because she profits from it."

I was so glad to hear this bended science!  And yes, like all bended science, his comment is based on a tiny, itty bitty bit of fact!

Let me explain.

First of all, why am I finally glad to hear this "shoot the messenger" bended science?

Because this "shoot the messenger" bended science is the last and final bit of bended science that is used to manipulate your behavior.  This "shooting the messenger" bended science is EXACTLY what I endured back in the early 1990's when, based on plenty of research, I finally had to admit that mercury fillings were a toxic health hazard.  BTW, I did not want to admit this!  I had 16 mercury fillings myself!

When the science benders can no longer manipulate you via bending the microwave facts, via the bending of microwave toxicity research and via bending of microwave health impacts, then they bend the facts about the messenger.

So, here's my response to that husband's bended science microwave logic.

Let's start with the easy one first:  "Linnette is trying to scare you."

Am I trying to scare the public? No.  Absolutely not.

Am I trying to educate the public? Yes. Absolutely.

Is this microwave topic pretty scary stuff?  Yes. Absolutely.

Just because the MICROWAVE TOPIC is frightening does NOT mean my GOAL is to frighten the public. 

Big difference.


Next bended science about moi:  "Linnette Beck is not a doctor."

It is true I am not a MD.

But legally, according to Florida Statutes, I am a "primary care physician" and according to the statute, am considered a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  In Florida, Oriental Medicine is considered the umbrella for "energy medicine" -- such as homeopathy, electro-dermal screening and more.

So, if you believe the only people on this planet that have the power to heal are MDs, then you need to stick with a very small pie of doctors that carry a very big monopoly.  Because most of this world's practicing (and effective) physicians are NOT MDs.

Next argument:

Do I make a profit when I sell and rent microwave meters or the handful of products such as the Smart Meter Blocker, cell phone protection, dirty filters etc. 

Yes I do.  But if I told you my profit margin, especially after credit card fees, you wouldn't believe me.  I have to place minimum orders, typically thousands of dollars, to get the ability to wholesale most products.  I try to make a habit of selling products that are only better or cheaper than what a person can buy elsewhere.

For example, that's why I send folks to HomeDepot online to get my recommended shower filter - because it is a great little inexpensive filter and I can't sell it for cheaper.  And that's the reason why I carry certain nutritional/homeopathic products -- because their quality is simply not available elsewhere.) 

Another example, a patient recently asked to borrow our "Dirty Electricity" box so she could test her home for dirty electricity and buy filters from me.

I said NO.  I wouldn't let her.

Why not?  If it was all about money, I should have just given her the box right then and there.

I explained to her that cleaning dirty electricity is the last step of electro-health fixing of your home.  Since things like WiFi CREATE dirty electricity.  Looking at the bigger picture, it is far cheaper to remove the cause of dirty electricity (as best you can) and then buy filters to clean up the remaining dirt (aka:  electromagnetic interference).  I told her it made more scientific and financial sense to start with the renting the microwave meter instead.  And she did. 

But back to the microwave products I sell, the margin on those products is about 10%.  So, you take into account the "carrying cost" for those products, the time to pay Jamie, my time (unpaid) to explain it to you etc, the profit is very close to zero.

Next, let's be sure to add in the countless unpaid hours it has taken to write this website, the cost of all the books and other tools I had to invest in--stuff I can't re-sell.    That amount at the time of this writing (NOT including my unpaid time) is about a $5000 investment--investment in "stuff" that I will never be able to sell per se.

So, on a per item basis do I make a profit, yes.  For example, I sold a microwave shielding hat to a patient recently because she's going to go brain crazy on the WiFi plane in a couple weeks.  After credit card fees, I made $3.  And I spent 1/2 hour unpaid trying to explain Faraday technology and how it WILL shield her brain from the WiFi and thus, she should have less cognitive symptoms while on the plane.

So, did I make a profit on that hat?  Yep.  $3.  Was it "worth it"?  According to my dad and others who look at the simple short-term accounting numbers, the answer is NO.  It was NOT worth it at all to sell her that hat. 

But it WAS worth it to me because I have a conscience and need to sleep and because she knows when it comes to healing her electro-sensitivity issues (and those of her friends) she knows who to come to.  Me.

But overall, this whole "microwave business" stuff I am doing is a 100% in the red zone.  It is a major losing money portion part of my business.  I can't even discuss it with my dad because he just doesn't see the big picture:  HEALING THE SICK.

When it comes to these microwave product sales, my main goal is to simply break even.  And frankly, I'm not even close to doing that.

So, here I am in the red, making $3 on a hat or $5 on a phone shield etc.

Meanwhile the wireless industry is marketing an addictive product that earns them billions of dollars per year. 

And I am the one who is out for money?  What is wrong with that picture?

If the above is true (which it is), then why am I spending all this time, money and effort regarding microwave sales and education?

There is one mega reason that you won't believe (unless you've known me for 20 years) but nonetheless has to be said anyway...because it is true...and I'll put it in print here.

To keep in simple, back in 1992 when I kneeled on my bedroom floor crying my heart out due to my recently given medical prognosis, I said "God, save me and I'll spend the rest of my life doing your work to save others." 

Then I passed out on the floor.

When I awoke I clearly heard four words "You have been poisoned". 

And the rest is history. 

But I've never forgotten that experience and my promise.  Because to those whom much is given, much is expected...

So, one reason I'm dedicated to "microwave detox" is because of my unyielding and dedicated passion to healing the sick.  And these days, I simply can't heal the sick without the urgent addressing of microwave radiation. 

But if I am not profiting from the sale of electro-products, am I profiting from the sale of electro-poisoning education?  Do I profit from that?

Yes!  Very much so.  And here's why:

I pay nothing for advertising.  Zip.  Nada.  Zero.   You'll never see an ad of mine anywhere -- because there simply aren't any (except this website). 

So then how does my business survive? 

Answer:  It 100% survives based on patient referrals.

Now, what would cause a patient to put their own neck on the line and entrust their own friends and family to my care?

Answer:  If they are happy.

And what makes a patient happy?

Answer:  Fixing their health problems.  In other words, RESULTS.

Because microwave poisoning is a significant CAUSE of disease and is linked to so many symptoms, it is imperative that I test for (ie: meter) and treat their microwave poisoning so that I have more MIRACLE RESULTS and thus, more happy patients and thus, more referrals and thus, stay in business.

I am also "emotionally profiting".  You have no idea how much healing people rocks my world....


So, was my patient's husband right? Or was he using bended science to shoot me, the messenger?

If you believe that the only people with the power to heal are MDs and that people are driven by money alone (and nothing else such as intrinsic satisfaction etc), then yes he is correct.

But if you believe that MDs do NOT have a monopoly on all healing knowledge on this planet, that the bigger, long-term profit picture is more important than the smaller, short-term profit picture and that people can be passionate/driven by things other than money, then her husband (and many others like him) are simply another science bending talking head....bending the science about ME.

UpdateMy patient ended up getting her husband to watch the Barrie Trower videos -- microwave military physicist.  He watched those videos and couldn't get his cordless phones and WiFi out of his secondary home fast enough.  I don't know what finally caught this husband's attention.  Was it microwave's health impact on him?  On future generations.  Or, I think, since this husband was very politically involved, it may have been Trower's discussion of weaponized microwaves or cell tower surveillance that caught his attention.  I dunno.

Did that shed good light on me and my expertise since I was the original anti-microwave messenger? 


Now he has decided he wants a Smart Meter cover and found one far cheaper than mine -- made out of plastic.  Only problem there:  That product won't stand up to microwave meter testing.  Plastic won't block the Smart Meter's microwave emissions.  And the type of metal and size of metal etc matters too. 

But since he's unwilling to rent a microwave meter from me to prove this basic engineering 101 Faraday Cage fact, he'll just have to hope that "his belief" will stop the Smart Meter's microwaves from getting into his home--because his "cheaper" Smart Meter cover isn't going to do it. 

He would have been better off keeping his hard earned cash in his pocket...or, using it to buy a new modem that has no wireless capability whatsoever.  Because all modems with wireless turned off have the capability to leak microwave radiation down the road.


Am I upset with this patient's husband?  Not at all!  Right now he is running up and down his neighborhood's streets warning people about microwave radiation coming from various wireless technologies.  He is raising awareness and making change that I can't reach!  Which makes me very happy.

God works in mysterious ways -- and it is all good.  And this is a perfect example of that....

Latest update: Since throwing all the WiFi etc out, wife says hubby is much nicer, sweeter, less stressed, less irritable etc.  And hubby has done a 180 degree shift, completely changed his negative opinion about me and continues to spread the anti-microwave news to all his friends.


Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 11.13.10 AM

Did you know toddlers thrive on pollution?

Cellco CEO P

If you hear any new microwave bended science than what is printed here, please email to me at and I will post it on this page.

More microwave bended science to appear here soon....

"Dark and difficult times lie ahead. 
Soon we must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy."
-Professor Dumbledore speaking to Harry Potter

"There are two types of pain you will go through in life,
the pain of discipline and the pain of regret.
Discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons."
-Jim Rohn

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