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General:  The Oncolab AMAS test requires special procedures and care on the part of both the patient and the collection lab, which is the reason for these instructions.  This process will take some coordination and diligence by the patient.  It is the patient's responsibility to carry out these instructions properly.  The only collection lab prepared to collect and to process blood for this test is Wuesthoff Reference Lab at Suntree (no other Wuesthoff locations).  The Suntree Wuestoff lab is located at 6300 N. Wickham Road, Melbourne, FL  32940.

Obtain proper materials:  In order to do this test you will need the proper materials.  Only the kit provided by Oncolab can be used for this test.  It is the patient's responsibility to call Oncolab, order the test kit and have it delivered to their home.  There is no charge for the kit.  Click here for the link to Oncolab's website and their phone number is 1-800-9CA-TEST. 

Once you obtain the kit, open it up and fill out the paperwork including payment by either check or credit card.    After you have filled out the requisition, you will then mail the original requisition to Beck Natural Medicine for us to fill out the rest of the form. Then, we will mail the form, which is now entirely filled out, back to you to put back in the kit's box.  In addition, we will be sending you back an additional "yellow form requisition" that is your ticket into the Wuestoff lab as well as a credit card receipt for venipuncture and specimen preparation charges.

Scheduling:  Once you have the kit and all paperwork properly filled out, it is now time to schedule your appointment.  Please plan to go to the lab on a Tuesday or Wednesday.  Why?  Mondays are generally too busy, but you can inquire with Wuesthoff if you really need to go there on a Monday.  Thursdays and Fridays are not good since going later in the week puts at great risk getting the specimens delivered to Oncolab in Massachusetts within 24 hours of blood extraction.  The Wuesthoff Reference Lab at Suntree is open 8:00 am to 4:00, but is closed 12:00 - 1:00 pm for lunch.  In order to ensure that your specimen has enough time to be properly prepared and overnighted, it is recommended that your blood draw be at either 11:00 am or preferably, 1:00 pm.  By going at 1 pm, there is plenty of time for the technicians to prepare your blood and for you to get it on the last Fed Ex plane out of Melbourne---thus insuring that the blood arrives to Oncolab within 24 hours of the blood's removal from your body.

Call Wuesthoff labs at (321) 253-0088 sometime during the week prior to your visit.  Explain that you will be doing an Oncolab AMAS test.  Although you do not need an appointment at Wueshoff per se, the AMAS test requires special techniques and it is important to give them fair warning so they are sure to have a tech working that is familiar with this test.  Make sure that they will be there at that time you want to visit and that they will be ready for you.  It is also a good idea to call them the day before you visit, to remind them to put their centrifuge specimen vials in their freezer so that they are frozen by the time you get there as these frozen centrifuge vials are a critical step in the AMAS process.  Call the dry ice company ahead of time too (see below).

Day of lab vist:  Take your Oncolab kit box with you, as well as the two requisition forms signed by Linnette Beck--one for Oncolab and the other yellow form for Wuesthoff's venipuncture (blood collection).  Point out in the special directions at the bottom of the Oncolab sheet to the tech.  Remind the tech that this test has special and critical steps that must be followed.  For example, remind them they are NOT to use butterfly needles when drawing blood and they are to use only the vials provided in the box.

After the blood is drawn, they will have preparation procedures to perform on your specimen.  Tell them that you will be back in about an hour to pick up the prepared blood.  Take the empty Oncolab shipping box with you.  You will now need to go to pick up some dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide).  Go to Rife Carbonic Company on 2259 Aurora Road in Melbourne (321-242-8113).  You may want to call ahead to make sure they will be there for you. They are open from 8:00 to 4:00 weekdays.  Once there, fill the box with dry ice (be careful not to touch the ice with you bare skin as you will be frostbitten).  Close the box and go immediately back to the lab, pick up the specimen and carefully lodge it in the dry ice.  Put the Styrofoam back on the top, and then on the top of the Styrofoam put the completed Oncolab requisition form signed by Linnette Beck.  Do not forget to include a check or credit card number for payment to Oncolab.

Shipping:  The package must be shipped by overnight FedEx service, because it must arrive by early delivery the next morning to the Oncolab facility.  The package must have a warning label on the outside because it has dry ice inside.  Go the the shipping outlet that is in the same shopping center as the lab, but on the other (north) end.  You will need to pay that shipper as well and remember, you need the box to arrive to Oncolab within 24 hours of blood draw.  And THAT is why we recommend that you have your blood drawn at approximately 1 pm.

Once the box is out of your hands and on its way via FedEx, you are finished!  Go have an organic veggie juice to celebrate!

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